10 Budget Tutorials to Add Farmhouse Character to a Builder Grade House

I don’t know if I ever told y’all this, but I’m related to a celebrity.Okay, he’s not really a celebrity. More like he works with celebrities.

Okay, you caught me. More like he puts camera tracks together, runs tools between rigging sets, and sometimes has to do some paprazzi control, but I’m super proud of my “little” brother who works as a grip in the film industry. And, hey, he has a page on IMDB, so that’s sorta celeb-worthy, right?

He and my sister-in-law just wrapped season 5 of filming The Walking Dead. I’m always enthralled with the stories they tell about all of the work that happens behind the scenes. It’s so cool, but holy schnikies, it is a ton of work to film even one episode. But to them, after all of the blood, sweat, and tears, seeing the end result is even more fulfilling.

And that made me realize the same thing about the gorgeous houses I always drool over on Pinterest. I sometimes forget how much hard work behind the scenes went into creating those beautiful farmhouses…maybe with less zombie blood than my brother deals with though.

But I’m determined, y’all! I want that farmhouse in my head. We’re getting there, but we have a ways to go. It really all comes down to creating classic architecture in this white builder box of ours.

So, for over a year, I’ve been collecting the easiest, most budget-friendly, and most beautiful DIY tutorials I could find for creating farmhouse character in a builder grade house. Hey, I wouldn’t be a good gal pal if I didn’t share them with you guys.

*Be sure to pin the following images from their original sources to give these talented ladies the credit they deserve.

1. How to Make a Farmhouse Window with Moulding by Funky Junk Interiors

This tutorial is the easiest one I’ve found, no confusing diagonal cuts needed.

2. Cheap and Chic Board and Batten by Thrifty and ChicI have searched high and low for the absolute cheapest way to create board and batten, and this one was the winner. $11 for an entire bathroom? I’m sold.
3. Creating Faux Wood Beams by The White Buffalo Styling Company
This DIY can be accomplished with just framing lumber from the hardware store- so much more budget-friendly than real deal reclaimed beams!
4. DIY Ceiling Wood Beams by Jenna SueI am dying to tackle this DIY! Can you even believe it cost $200 for 3 long beams as opposed to the typical cost of several thousand?
5. DIY Barn Door Hardware for $60 by Bright Green DoorThere are lots of barn door tutorials out there, but this one is the ultimate, y’all. It’s the cheapest one I’ve found, and it doesn’t require any fancy welding skills. Win!
6. DIY Wide-Plank Floor (From Plywood) by Little Green Notebook
It’s only 50 cents per square foot! Need I say more?
7. How to White Wash Wood (and Install Wall Planking) by Maison de Pax
I really love the whitewashing effect in this tutorial. Can we just pause and admire this space for a second? Wow.
8. How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets by Cherished Bliss
I’ve read up on way too many painted cabinet tutorials, and I really love this method. Since this one uses oil based primer and enamel paint, it’s much more kid-friendly for cleaning lots of messes.
9. DIY Butcher Block Countertops by DIY Cozy Home
These countertops cost just $40! Can you even believe this blogger bought them from Ikea and refinished them? It’s brilliant.
10. DIY Farmhouse Light by The Woodgrain Cottage
I’ve seen a good many farmhouse light makeovers out there, but this one is my absolute favorite. And it costs less than $30!
It’s incredible how beefing up moldings, nailing some wood on your ceilings, and painting cabinets can give a plain looking house tons of old-timey charm. I want to do them all!
And even though it might be easier to hire a contractor to take care of your vision of a country get-away in the suburbs, nothing compares to the pride you feel after accomplishing a wow-worthy DIY. (The amount left in your wallet after it all is nothing to sneeze at either.)
Have you found any tutorials out there that you love too? Have you attempted any of these before? Are you a Walking Dead junkie too? 😉
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