2 Online Shopping Habits That Save Big Money

Yeah, that title sounds like one of those corny Shamwow infomercials with only “90 low payments of $49.95!” Ick. Sorry. Next channel, please.

I love sharing my latest DIY projects and thrift store makeovers and all that, but every now and then I discover a budget shopping tip that I feel like I need to pass along to my closest girlfriends and/or shout from the rooftops. I part of me really doesn’t like talking about money; it makes me squeamish. But if I can share my personal experiences to help others, I’m all for it.

This one I just tested out last week might be the best one I’ve ever found. And that’s sayin’ something.

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2 Online Shopping Habits That Save Big Money

A while back I told y’all about my favorite sources for buying affordable home decor and how to stack coupons on top of sales. It works really really well. So much that I never pay full retail for anything. Ever. It can be a little time consuming searching around trying to find the best coupon codes to use though. And it’s easy to forget.

But the other day, I stumbled upon a much faster way to find the best online shopping discounts and get cash back on top of any purchases by using two apps- Honey and Ebates. (This isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that. I just really like these apps.)

honey ebates

In one week of online purchases (which was only three really), I ended up saving $151.26. Dude! And I’m not really a shopaholic by any means.

2 Online Shopping Habits That Save Big Money (2 of 2)

If you’ve never heard of them, here’s how they work.

Create an account in Honey and Ebates, and then to make them easily accessible, download the Chrome Extensions for both. (Those are my referral links by the way.)

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.47.12 AM

Those two little buttons in the corner of my Chrome browser are the apps. That look like this:

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 7.10.10 PM

I can go shopping online like normal (or you know… in my case, usually add items to my cart as a wish list thinking the shopping fairy will magically drop it all off at my doorstep).

Then, at checkout, click the Ebates browser button and “Activate Cash Back” button.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.47.27 AM

Depending on which site you’re shopping from, you’ll earn a percentage back from your online purchase. I like Ebates the best because it’s actual cash you get back rather than a gift card. And it appears in your account within 48 hours, so you really don’t have to wait around for it like I’ve seen on other rebate sites.

Some stores will earn you 10% back, some will earn a measly 1% back, but every little bit counts in my book. And those percentages can really add up, especially since they’re purchases you’re already making anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.48.41 AM

Clicking the Ebates button will show current sales on the site too and sometimes a few coupons, but I haven’t found as many discounts on Ebates as I have on Honey. It’s still a great snapshot tool to see what items are currently on sale though.

Once you activate the Ebates cash back button, fill in your checkout information like you normally would. Usually a Honey popup will slide across the screen to ask if you would like for it to search for coupon codes. (Uh… duh! Gimme all the coupons.)

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.52.52 AM

Click the “Try Codes” button, and Honey will automatically try out all of the coupon codes it can find until it can get you the lowest price in your shopping cart.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.53.27 AM

Sometimes Honey won’t have any luck since the available coupon codes depend on that particular store where you’re shopping. So far, it’s been a dud on Amazon for me.

But I’ve had great success with it on every day purchases like Old Navy when it gave me a 40% off coupon when I desperately needed some summer clothes last week. And it found a 20% off code through 1800Flowers when I needed to send an arrangement to a loved one.

I like to follow up with it by checking RetailMeNot and Groupon to be sure I’m getting the best codes, but having the Honey app popup at check out is still a great reminder to me to apply those coupon codes before clicking “Place Order” in case I forget. Most of the time, Honey has still found the best codes.

After I place the order, I can see my cash back balance on Ebates within 48 hours and have the money deposited into my Paypal account without having to worry about any fees.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 5.02.30 PM

The cash back percentage from Old Navy and Toys R Us were pretty skimpy, but many other stores offer more than they do. Combined with the coupon codes Honey dug up for me, I saved $151.26 in three purchases.

The one little downside about the Ebates / Honey combo is it doesn’t work on groceries, but I’ve used Coupons.com and the app Ibotta for food purchases, which works similarly using rebates scanned from your phone at the grocery store register.

2 Online Shopping Habits That Save Big Money (1 of 2)

Whew! Was that the most long winded budget shopping lesson or what? They’re two habits I’ll absolutely be using from now on though.

Do you have any favorite money-saving apps? Or know of any other cash back programs? I’m still fairly new to it, but I’m wishing I’d known about it sooner.

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  1. I use Ebates all the time! I like to use it at Home Depot then pick up in store for free shipping.

    Never heard of Honey will have to look into it!

    1. Oh man! All the money we spend at Lowe’s and Home Depot… we’ll make $1,000 in a month. 😉 I didn’t even think about that.

  2. Great post! I’ve been using Ebates for several years and love it. It is free money! I think they now offer in store rebates but I don’t know how that works because I haven’t tried it. I will try Honey now too!

    1. Oh wow! That’s even better! I haven’t tried it in-store yet, so I’ll have to give that a shot. Glad to know you’ve had a good experience with it!

  3. Love these tips! Actually, you are my favorite blogger! Keep on keeping on. Love your stuff!!!

  4. Oh dear I feel so old. I have heard of ebates but not Honey but my brain cannot quite do all this. (Injury) so I’ll pray and my Dad would say The Lord provides. And He has despite becoming disabled ( and in my state it’s a very small amount for which I paid into!! It pays my part B and part of meds ) but truly I’m enthused that the Lord is using YOU to teach people how the Lord will provide for them and how he’s providing for you!!! From His open window in
    heaven?✝. Keep up the good work for we are thankful??.

    1. Wow, Gwen. Thank you so much for those sweet words. I truly hope this does help even a little bit. It is a bit “techy” to figure out, so I tried to make it as easy as I could. Someone else told me the other day that they’ve been using ebates for a few years and have received checks totaling over $2500! So blown away.

  5. Have you tried the Savings Catcher app at Walmart? I shop there for groceries frequently. You scan the QR code at the bottom of your receipt and it checks all the advertised prices at other stores in your area and refunds the difference on a Walmart gift card. You can redeem it at any time. I just let mine build up.
    By the way, I love your newly painted kitchen cabinets.

    1. Oh I used to! I stopped doing it because I wasn’t having much luck with it. I might have to try it out again though. Thanks for the cabinet love, Julie! So glad that hefty job is finally done.

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