30 Fall Pillows Under $30

It’s September 1st. That means we can start busting out the fall decor and throwing pumpkin spice into everything now, right?! That’s what I’m telling myself.

30 Fall Pillows Under $30 | blesserhouse.com - A budget shopping home decor round-up of 30 fall pillows with velvet, leather, knit, and autumn colors, all for under $30.

I’ve been slowly putting away all of the summer greenery around the house the past few days and sneaking in fall decor wherever I can, including throw pillows. Because they’re my kryptonite! Don’t lie. You know you have 50 of them stashed somewhere. Or is that just me? Don’t tell Robert. 😉

So in my hunt for some velvet-y, leather-y, autumn-y pillows, I found so many pretty ones for under $30 (and most for under $20). I love that most of them aren’t super fall-only patterns and textures, so you could really get away with decorating with them on into winter.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites, if you’ve been on a pillow search for fall too. Just click any image below to find its source. (Affiliate links are provided below.)


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