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4 Rec Room Mood Board Designs

Four fun rec room / gameroom / playroom / hangout space design mood boards perfect for kids, teens, and adults.

Ohhhhhhhhhh snap, y’all. I’ve been dying to share our next big room makeover with you guys ever since we began the planning phases two months ago!

Remember how I said we want to make designing/renovating for super deserving people a “thing” this year? I wasn’t exaggerating.

And I think this next room might be my favorite one yet.

Next month, we’ll be starting a huge rec room makeover for some friends of ours, The Carney family.

They are such amazing people; the couple are both Air Force veterans, and they have NINE kids! And we’d totally adopt every single one of them because they’re all total sweethearts. (Well, okay. We’re not signing up to adopt nine kids, but you get the sentiment. They’re awesome.)

I’ll show you the space we’re working with soon, but while in the planning stage, I pulled together 4 different mood board designs for their rec room / playroom / teen hangout space.

They have several big needs:

  • Tons of storage for toys
  • Room for a small home office
  • Space for lounging / movie watching
  • A craft/homework table
  • A dog kennel for their pup

It’s a tall order, but I think we can do it.

Mood boarding is definitely the single most helpful tool that gives me the best overall vision, so I’m sharing a bit of my process in my Instagram Stories today too, if you’d like a tutorial.

Which one of these is your favorite?!

4 Rec Room Mood Board Designs

(Some affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

Rec Room Design 1: Sunny & Cheerful

Sunny and Cheerful Rec Room Decor Mood Board

(Cabinet inspo from Chris Loves Julia)


Rec Room Design 2: Blush and Navy

Blush and Navy Rec Room Decor Mood Board

Rec Room Design 3: Earthy & Moody

Moody and Earthy Rec Room Decor Mood Board

Rec Room Design 4: Rust & Teal

Rust and Teal Rec Room Decor Mood Board

I’ll most likely be combining elements from each one to come up with the “winner” design, but these were too fun not to share! More coming soon. πŸ™‚

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  1. You have wonderful taste, all are fun and great design. I have follow you for years and am always impress with your use of color and your creativity. Word of caution with tufted, button back sofas, though. Our son with 3 boys have a similar sofa in their TV Family room, and have had issues with the tufting buttons coming off,. Lounging often means wrestling!! Which also makes me cautious of the off-white upholstery with 9 kids.

  2. So hard to pick! I would personally LOVE to see you do navy and blush as I love that combo! I have one bit of aivice for you: I recently did major research on a kennel for my very active pup. The conclusion I reached was that, though ugly, the mostly sturdy and least likely to be destroyed kennel was the inexpensive wire variety you can buy and assemble from any pet supply store/Amazon. Then I followed an online tutorial to build a white box with wood top to fit around it, making it sturdy and furnitre-like (we use ours as an end table), cozy for the pup, and the inside kennel can be used for travel. It was easy and inexpensive to make and I’m sure you and Robert could whip out something even better and more attractive for less than you’d spend to buy a kennel that likely won’t last (puppy’s love to chew and destoy!)