A Mack “Daddy” Backyard Project and Family Lovin’

 I have to give some mad props to my hubby and my dad for their huge project this weekend. It wasn’t a kitchen remodel or a fireplace installation or anything like that. It involved a giant box with a bajillion different tiny parts that were all somehow supposed to magically fit together. (Will the daddies who have been there, please stand up.)
Okay okay, this is not the most spectacular and inventive DIY project in the world (does it even qualify as DIY?), but y’all. This thing deserved a post. So behold, our backyard progress.

Our next door neighbors have been sweet enough to let our almost 2 year-old invade their yard to play on their playground, but even if we are legally trespassing, we still feel bad about it. We were warned it was a pain in the tookus to put together, and according to them, their daughter has used theirs all of about 5 times and now couldn’t care less.
But y’all. Our kid flips her lid if a “swing swing” is anywhere within eyesight. Her super amazing spoil-her-rotten grandparents bought her this little wooden one. I spared you the installation pictures that most likely would have involved scrunched up faces and yelling of choice words. My mom and I fled the scene with Olivia for the day while the guys wrestled it.

I am DYING to show it to her, but we’re waiting until her birthday party on Saturday, so we’ll have the blinds closed all week and are playing in the front yard instead. I’m pretty sure her reaction will be similar to how excited she was for her chocolate cake last year:

This man is completely wrapped around her little finger. Honestly, we both are. I love our party of three.

I told you. This girl is obsessed with “swing swing”, as she calls it. Every time we visit my parents, my dad has to instantly strap her in and play. He’s totally wrapped too.

I haven’t really posted anything about our backyard until now (because there’s really not much there), but here’s how it’s looking today. The guys put the playground in front of that little bitty tree in hopes that it would provide some shade. The grass still has the just-moved-in look too, which is pretty patchy. Somewhere down the road, I would love to build a pergola over our patio and hang some string lights.

I mean, we should have a grown-up playground too, right?

We’ve been making a little progress on Olivia’s bedroom too, and I’ll be back with an update tomorrow. This child is getting all kinds of “toys” this week. You can check out her bedroom plans and dresser makeover to see where we’ve been so far.
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  1. lauren i live with my daughter her hubs and two grandsons aged 1 and 2 yep 10 months 3 weeks apart celebrated july and august bd’s together uncle got them a swing set with slide because they went bananas at the park well we go outside and they iggy it lmbo go figure hope you little doll loves hers xx

    1. Thanks, Heather! She uses her cuteness to her advantage way too often. Haha I’ve been dragging my feet on getting her outside to do b-day pictures this year though…maybe because I don’t want to believe she’ll be 2. I hope I remember to take a picture of her reaction to update later. 🙂