Aged Metal Angel Wings

True story:  I had to wear wings and a halo and shuffle all over a stage when I was in middle school. It was both fun and humiliating all at the same time. Because what ten year old doesn’t love wearing a giant hoop skirt and molting wings to play a waltzing angel in The Nutcracker? This girl. I wish I could find a photo to show y’all but alas, I guess that memory will die without any visual evidence…gee darn.

For the record, these wings I found at a flea market in Myrtle Beach two weeks ago are way better.

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

I spotted these babies on a booth table for just $20 only to discover they were on hold for someone else. I’m one of those non-aggressive shoppers, but my parents, who were with us that day, must have seen how badly I wanted them.

Before I knew it, they had found the seller, learned they’d never been picked up from the previous buyer, and had them in my hands in minutes. It was such a sweet surprise!

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

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I’d searched high and low for the perfect pair of aged metal angel wings like these I’d seen at RH Baby and Child. But I was not ready to commit to the price tag.

I took my lucky flea market finds off their metal stands and attached picture hangers on the back for the wall behind Olivia’s bed. Her room is full of silver, so even though the gold finish on the wings was beautiful, it completely clashed.

So I spray painted them first with my favorite silver paint- Rustoleum Metallic Aluminum*.

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

I happened to have a sample of chocolate brown paint that I wanted to use to give the feathers an antiquing effect.

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

I just dipped a small angled brush into the paint, dabbed off the excess, and drew the lines into the wings’ feather indentions.

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

For this girl who can’t draw or paint by hand for anything, it went pretty quickly.

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

So now Olivia’s wall behind her bed is finally feeling complete.

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

The wings ended up being the perfect size underneath the DIY canopy I made last week.

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

And I’m so glad I took a little extra time to draw in the feathers to show off their detail.

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

They coordinate perfectly with the aged metallic nightstand and gilded play vanity.

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

The silver brings out the gray print in Olivia’s appliqued tutu pillow too.

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

It’s all finally come together!

Aged Metal Angel Wings | Bless'er House

All that’s left is putting a rug in here, and we can officially call it a reveal.

Update:  See the full bedroom makeover here!

Are you tired of seeing pink around here lately? I get giddy over it. But I’ll be honest, I’m so glad that, for the most part, my job is done.

What do you think the chances are of Olivia absolutely hating the color pink in about 5 years? You know what? Don’t answer that. We’ll enjoy it while these sweet little years last.



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  1. Your accenting on the angels wings really makes them stand out and look even more sculptural. This makes me wish I had a little girl, so that I could decorate her room. What a blessed little girl you have!

  2. My twins-girls- are 19 and I dressed one in pink and one in purple. Those became their carry over colors and although they both went through a black phase they are still my pink and purple girls.

  3. Love the addition of the angel wings and how you transformed them! They are perfect for the spot above the bed/below the canopy!! What a lucky little girl Olivia is to have such a pretty, grown up bedroom!
    Have a good week!

    1. Thank you, Lanita! It is a bit grown up, but I was afraid if I made it too toddler-ish, she’d outgrow it really quickly. So glad you like it! She seems to like it too. 🙂

  4. Thisis the icing on the cake! Beautiful. I don’t think she’ll get sick of pink, it is a very sophisticated room, not at all garish and in your face. It is as if the room is slowly revealing itself, with all of the lovely details that you have lovingly added.

    1. Thank you, Mary! Sophisticated little girl was what I was going for, so that’s great to hear! 🙂