Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand

In this past year and a half of decorating adventures in our house, one lesson that always rings true around here is an extremely tight budget never seems to limit us as much as we thought it would.

When we first moved in and we really had to stretch our dollar (and still do), I envisioned something out of Sanford and Sons for a style we could afford. As far as we’ve come in Olivia’s bedroom makeover, we’ve had to get creative.

Aged Metallic Decoupage Nightstand

But I’ve discovered the pieces we’ve incorporated aren’t cheap; they are priceless. They’re certainly not top dollar designer or even cost as much as the clearance aisle of Target, but so much of what we have carries special meaning.

Maybe we just got lucky with the fact that we have tons of love in our family with our parents willingly passing down their things to us.

So far in Olivia’s room, her rattle, ballerina sketch, and dress art all have sentimental meanings behind them. But this little table I converted into a nightstand for her is the most emotional for me.

Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand (2 of 11)

Over 60 years ago, my late grandfather built this little table in woodshop class in high school and gave it to his mother, my great-grandmother. I never got to meet her, but my grandfather was the most influential man in my life growing up, besides with my dad.

He was the type of man who would drive back to the grocery store if he was given even a dollar too much in change. He was always working on something in his workshop, and he had the biggest smile that could be seen for miles. I miss his laugh every day, and I know, without a doubt, I’ll see him again.

So placing this table right beside Olivia’s bed was almost like having a piece of my grandfather to watch over her. I so wish she could have known him.

Aged Metallic Nightstand (1 of 7)

The wood on this table wasn’t in great condition, and I wanted to create some contrast and a little glam with an aged metallic effect.

Here are the materials I used: (Affiliates are indicated by asteriks below. See my disclosure policy here.)

I took off the old hardware from the drawer first and gave the entire table an even coat of the spray primer. Primer is key, y’all! (Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way.)

After an hour or two when the table was dry, I gave it 3 thin coats of the Rustoleum Aluminum spray paint. I always try to do more thin coats instead of fewer thick coats to prevent dripping and to get a more even finish.

Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand (3 of 11)

I think every post on this blog has turned into a “Where’s Lola” game. Have you spotted her yet? She’s my helper.

When the aluminum paint was dry, I got to start on the fun part!

I poured a little bit of dark gray acrylic paint on a paper plate and dabbed just a small emount onto the sea sponge.

Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand (4 of 11)

Then, I dabbed the excess paint off of the sponge onto a paper towel, almost like you would if you were dry brushing.

Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand (5 of 11)

I worked in sections and lightly pounced my sponge onto the dried aluminum paint. Right after dabbing the sponge onto the table, it looked this.

Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand (6 of 11)

Right after applying the paint with the sponge, I used dry paper towels to rub off the excess dark gray paint for some subtle aging.

Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand (8 of 11)

I picked up a pretty knob at Hobby Lobby (50% off as always) to replace the old lopsided one.

Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand (9 of 11)

Isn’t it the cutest?!

Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand (10 of 11)

Since I already had some sheet music and this light pink acrylic paint (because those two things are always stocked in my stash), I decided to have a little fun with the drawer.

I just painted the sides and back with two coats of the pink acrylic paint for a peek-a-boo surprise when opened.

Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand (11 of 11)

And I used Mod Podge to decoupage sheet music on the bottom of the drawer. It looks so perfect with her DIY Oversized Sheet Music Signs.

Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand (12 of 11)

That little touch of whimsy made it even better.

Aged Metallic Nightstand (3 of 7)

And, let’s be honest, this nightstand doesn’t stay styled like this for very long. Olivia is crazy about that alarm clock. She thinks it’s hilarious to chuck it across the room and just laughs and laughs when it rings.

Aged Metallic Nightstand (4 of 7)

Aged Metallic Nightstand (2 of 7)

I’ll be sharing more details on that birdcage lamp tomorrow too. It has some memories coupled with it as well. Are you thinking by now, “Jeez, Lauren. You get way too emotionally attached to your stuff.”

I really do. It’s not normal, is it? I don’t have the heart to throw things away that are reminders of special moments and special people.

Aged Metallic Nightstand (5 of 7)

Aged Metallic Nightstand (6 of 7)

Aged Metallic Nightstand (7 of 7)

I’m so thrilled over how this sweet little table turned out. I admit, I’m a tad addicted to this faux aged metallic finish now. I did it last month to our clock gallery wall, and you’ll be seeing it again in a couple of weeks on Remodelaholic. It’s just so much fun to create!

What do you think? Are you as much of a fan of how this table turned out as I am? Or ever wanted to hug a piece of furniture because you’re that emotionally attached? Being normal is overrated anyway.

Update:  See the full bedroom makeover reveal here!



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  1. You always make it look so easy! 😉 This is a gorgeous transformation. P.S. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that gets attached to furniture. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but I just don’t like getting rid of anything. I always try to use it one more time before I absolutely have to get rid of it.

    1. You’re so sweet, LZ! Thank you! My husband often has to save me from myself. I have a tendency to hoard treasures and I take over the garage all the time with my projects. Every few months, my husband just has to say, “Okay, you haven’t madeover this piece yet. Can we please get rid of it now?” If it weren’t for him, I’d be the crazy project lady. Or at least more than I am already. Haha

  2. you are not crazy.. I am in the process of “updating” my grandparents dining room set, and as I was wiping down the wood, clearing off decades of dirt and fingerprints, I was crushed by what I was wiping away. My most cherished memories of extended family all happened around this table… all the food was served on the buffet… and I want to bring it forward into the present and the future in hopes that many generations after me will love it as much as I do. So very happy you are doing this for your child and preserving and YES… having a part of him to “watch” over her 🙂 Thank you for the lovely analogy! I needed to hear that.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Tammy! So many memories live forever in our homes, including our furniture. It’s so nice having that reminder of fond times.

  3. I love how it turned out and that you have such a sentimental piece to share with Olivia!

  4. I “like” your table alot! And yes I get attached to things because they remind me of people. I know I am going to see them again but I can’t help wanting a tangible object until then. BTW did you mean Sanford and Son? I am much older than you..

    1. Haha YES! I don’t know why I typed Samson and Son. That’s what I get for writing a post late at night. I know exactly what you mean. Those tangible objects just let us hold onto them for a while longer. Thanks, Wendy!