An Office and a Gentleman

Hey friends! I thought this update would not be coming until much later in the summer considering our lack of progress on the “office” so far since we moved in nearly 6 months ago. And I say “office” with those little quotation marks because our little room upstairs has been moreso a giant drop zone / storage room / junk pile.

I think I had given up hope on this part of the house because by golly life just happens. I didn’t know if our house would ever function without a junk-something, be it drawer, closet, or room. Thankfully, the junk room is no more! (Fingers crossed that it stays that way)  I’ll never tell about our junk closet though. 😉  Baby steps, people.
Since December, our office looked like this:
Pardon me while I hang my head in shame. There were many a days when I would walk into this room ready to start sorting the mess into piles and donate things and I’d say to myself “I just can’t.” To be fair, the majority of it was a lot of Robert’s memorabilia from when he was in the military, and I felt like it was almost sacred. I wouldn’t know what to save and what to toss, and the hubby had zero time between work and commuting in Charlotte traffic with a toddler every day.
Then, Sunday, Robert randomly says to me, “Let’s organize the office and go ahead and paint it.” Thank God! Finally.
So we sorted about a third of the stuff into a pile and hauled it off to Goodwill (and lo and behold I saw some of the items being sold there today when I stopped in…no, I promise I didn’t buy them back.)
For the paint, I chose Sherwin Williams Pediment mixed into Valspar paint (’cause that’s how I roll.)  After putting Olivia to bed Monday night, I helped tape the trim, and Robert insisted that he do all of the work while I relaxed, manned the Pandora radio station, and kept him company. Isn’t he a gentleman? 🙂
So we had a little paint party and stayed up until 2 a.m. just talking while he worked. It turned out to be a fun little date night actually.
I was at least more help than Lola.
Last night, after the paint was dry, we moved in our desk that had been sitting in the upstairs hallway for weeks. I’m so glad that I don’t have to maneuver around that thing anymore everytime I have to walk out of our bedroom in the middle of the night to tend to a dog needing to go out or a little one needing to be rocked back to sleep.
This desk was actually a Craigslist find that I found for $180. It is the Bedford Desk from Pottery Barn that retails for $899! In the end, we saved 80%. This sucker is solid wood and crazy heavy. And it has TONS of storage, so you better believe I will be working out a filing system soon.
We chose the light greige shade with the SW Pediment since the majority of the furniture and accessories are so dark. I’m all for having a masculine office, but I didn’t want it to feel like a cave. The Pediment is just enough color to make it cozy.
Remember my $9 vintage typewriter Goodwill find? All by itself it looks pretty sad, but I think along with the old military-inspired accessories it works. I found the old globe for $2 on another Goodwill trip too. I originally bought the clock from TJ Maxx to go in my classroom, but I’m glad I could find a new home for it. And my office chair re-do turned out pretty well in here considering it was one of my first furniture painting projects ever. (We just won’t talk about my first attempt at it. Shudder.)
Robert has said he really wants to take over decorating the office from here since it is technically his. Considering he’s letting me have the reigns on the rest of the decor in the house, I guess I should respect his wishes on this one. So I have no idea where the rest of this room’s decor is going to go, but y’all know I’ll keep you updated every step of the way. We still have a good bit of work to do.
Love y’all!
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  1. What a steal…for that desk! I’m loving all your accessories as well. I enjoy those late nights doing projects with the hubby…that’s my kind of date night : )