Bless’er Heart Weekends: Holiday Favorites

Did y’all have a happy Thanksgiving?! I hope so. I had to bust out the stretchy pants for ours. 😉 (I knew holding onto my maternity leggings was a good idea.)

Can I have a heart-to-heart with you for a sec? I’m not going to push all of the giant Black Friday sales in this post today. I’m done. Over it. I just know it’s going to be all over social media, so can I just invite you here today to take a breath? In… out. Okay, anywho…

After having Olivia home from school for 10 days with some weird virus, she’s back to her bouncy, sassy self, and even though we ended up way behind on several projects, enjoying some good quality Christmas decorating time with my big girl was so much fun.

While that icky virus was terrible, I fully appreciated the snuggles that I don’t get quite as often from her anymore.

And in the midst of it, I surprised her with a St. Lucia outfit! We just finished reading the American Girl Kirsten series, so she’s been obsessed ever since. It only seemed fitting with our Swedish Christmas.

Also, the Stress-Free Holiday Planner and Bless’er House Presets are on sale this weekend! It’s all 40% off until Monday, if you missed the launch.

Here are some fun things I’ve stumbled upon lately:

(Some affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

  • Ella Claire Inspired always does her Christmas perfectly. How gorgeous is this mantel?!


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  • I adore this simple, festive mantel too.


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  • This pic is proof that a nearly naked, minimal tree can still be beautiful. Christmas doesn’t have to be full of “stuff”.

  • Without a doubt, our favorite board game this year has been Ticket to Ride. If you’ve never played it, go get it now! A fun holiday break must!
  • Excuse me while I go wash dishes just so I can sniff this dish soap.
  • I decorated the playroom the other day. According to Regan, it’s extra magical. All the pretty lights! Can’t wait to show more of it next week!

  • This photo stopped me mid-scroll on Instagram. Wow.


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  • If this house doesn’t put you in a cheerful mood, I don’t know what will.


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  • We just set up this Christmas tree in our dining room, and it is seriously the most realistic one we’ve owned yet. Granted, we don’t go broke trying to buy pricey trees. I’m sure there are more expensive ones that look even more realistic. But for the price, you can’t beat it, especially if you love a rustic look.
  • We hope to get the front of our house looking spiffy with wreaths and little trees on our porch soon. This shot I pinned has motivated me!

  • A few of you asked me if our black master bedroom was inspired by Rock the Block when we shared it last week. Funny thing is we had this bedroom game plan before RTB even aired, and we don’t have cable/satellite to watch it. Great minds, I guess? Coincidence? Look at us being all trendy by accident. Haha!

  • Robert and I started Keto recently. This recipe has satisfied our hot cocoa craving immensely without any sugar!
  • This is accurate…

Am I right?!

Last thing…

I’m launching the Bless’er House Holiday Glow Presets next Friday!!! Eek! If you’ve ever struggled with photographing your Christmas lights and decor (whether at night or in daylight), these will add an extra sparkle. Can’t wait to share them with you!

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