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Over the long holiday weekend (that somehow still never seems long enough when you get to the end of it), Robert and I and even Livie Bug tackled a few items on ye olde honey-do list. Most of the projects were just little things that required only a can of spray paint. But this project made us completely giddy. When you see a burly grown Marine do a happy dance over a DIY, you know you did something right. 😉  Honestly, though, I can’t take much credit because Robert pretty much took it on as his own.
Project: Kitchen Wall Chalkboard
(By the way, do you see that big black range back there? That guy is on my hit list of things needing a pick-me-up. If you didn’t catch it yesterday, I posted about covering our black dishwasher in stainless steel contact paper. The range will be a different story, but we’ll cross that bridge later.)
For this project, I thought about making chalkboard paint myself to save even more money, but in the midst of wanting to accomplish as many projects as possible in the little bit of time when we weren’t busy with…well…life, I decided it was worth the extra $5 to buy it already made.
Painter’s Tape (unless you’re brave and have a super steady hand)
Rust-oleum Chalkboard Paint
1-2 clean dry rags
Synthetic Edging Paintbrush
3/8 in Nap Roller
Paint Tray
Ladder (unless you’re Shaq)
Step 1:  Tape off the edges of the wall.  The chalkboard paint was thicker than the regular stuff, so taping was a must for us in case we got ourselves into a goopy black baseboard mess.
Step 2:  Remove outlet and/or switch plates. Side note- I am thinking about replacing these with black plates so they don’t stand out so much.
Step 3:  Edge the wall with the chalkboard paint. We had an oopsie moment and got a smudge of black paint on the ceiling. A little bit of leftover white paint should do the trick thankfully.
Step 4:  Roll the remainder of the wall with the chalkboard paint.
Step 5:  Allow paint to try for a few hours. Enjoy a nap. 🙂 At this point, it was midnight for us and we decided to call it a day.
Step 6:  Admire your wall over breakfast…then paint coat #2. If you think you need a third coat, go for it by all means. We didn’t feel ours needed it though.
Step 7:  After paint coat #2 is dry (at least 4 hours to cure), rub entire wall with chalk. We recruited our toddler for this step and she loved it. I think we’re going to be seeing quite a bit of artwork on the bottom half of this wall…and potentially on other walls if she gets the impression that it’s totally fine to draw all over the house. I might be either brave or stupid for teaching her this.
P.S. I have no idea why this child only has on one sock. It’s still a mystery where the other went.
Step 8: Wipe off chalk with a dry rag. This way you have that nice well-loved worn in chalkboard already in place instead of a solid black wall that looks like someone accidentally wrote on it.
Now I’m stoked that I at least get to appear to be organized with my weekly menu plans, running grocery list, and reminder board. If anything, it can serve as an easel for artwork opportunities.
And since my hand-lettering skills aren’t very impressive, although are teacher-worthy at work and are legible enough for my students, I might eventually get a personalized white vinyl decal to mimic the real thing. I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of “The Shaver Cottage Kitchen” at the top along with “Menu”, “Shopping List”, and “Olivia’s Originals” to break up sections of the board. If I get a vinyl die-cut machine, I might even be able to try my hand at it. For now, here’s some chalkboard vinyl lettering that I’ll admire for inspiration.
Etsy- LilyandVal
After we finished the wall, Robert and I got into the discussion about our recent chalkboard obsession. And after tallying up all of the chalkboard items in our house, be it small jar labels or entire walls, we’re talking eight so far. I have no desire to stop, but if I don’t watch out, I might end up with an entirely chalkboard-black house. Whatever, I’ll play lots of tic-tac-toe and hopscotch and be happy about it.

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