Child’s Room Vignette & Rustic Sign Giveaway

A big thanks to 2 Boys and a Dog for sponsoring this post. My opinions of pretty farmhouse-y decor shops are entirely my own.

There are lots of mushy gushy sentimental things in our house that make my heart go pitter pat, but this one has me on overdrive.

Child's Room Vignette & Rustic Sign Giveway | Bless'er House

A couple of months ago when I decorated Olivia’s “big girl room” (big girl meaning the ripe old age of three), I packed it full of pieces with lots of special meanings from our family’s past- my ballet shoes from my dancing days, vintage dress-up hats passed down from my grandmother, hand carved baby rattles from Olivia’s grandfather, the total works in the lovey dovey department.

Child's Room Vignette & Rustic Sign Giveway | Bless'er House

When I was wrapping up her room, I just stuck one of Robert’s old teddy bears on her shelf and called it done, but with any three year old, no toy stays sitting on a shelf for long.

So when browsing this pretty little Etsy shop, 2 Boys & a Dog, for a replacement with something special, I found the perfect sign that brought so many memories flooding back of my childhood and Olivia’s newborn days.

Child's Room Vignette & Rustic Sign Giveway | Bless'er House

One of my very first memories I have is of my mom singing “A Bushel and a Peck” to me when I was three as she tucked me in for bed. She always sang it to me when I was sick or had a “boo boo” or if she just felt like saying I love you.

I forgot about that song for so many years until Olivia was born. And in the wee hours with my sleepless newborn, somewhere in the back of my tired brain, I remembered this song. So many nights I sat in a rocking chair cradling my little one singing the same song my mother once sang to me.

Nowadays, Olivia and I twirl and sing it at the top of our lungs. It sums up so much of the love that connects our family together.

Child's Room Vignette & Rustic Sign Giveway | Bless'er House

It just seemed fitting to place it right up on a shelf for her to be reminded every day how much she is loved. And one day, I’ll tell her the story of what that song means to me.

Child's Room Vignette & Rustic Sign Giveway | Bless'er House

So as a happy Friday freebie, I’ve joined up with Jaime from 2 Boys & a Dog to give away an item from her shop. It has lots of reclaimed wood, handmade typography, and sweet sayings so you know it is right up my alley.

Child's Room Vignette & Rustic Sign Giveway | Bless'er House

Besides my “Bushel and a Peck” pick, these are some of my faves:

Child's Room Vignette & Rustic Sign Giveway | Bless'er House

Reclaimed Wood Tray | Home Sweet Home Sign | Laugh as Much as You Breath SignReclaimed Wood Wine Bottle

There are lots more too. Right now, Bless’er House readers get 20% off until December 1, 2015 with the code BLESSERHOUSE. Early Christmas shopping maybe? I might actually get ahead on the presents this year.

You can enter to win an item from the 2 Boys and a Dog shop below! (Eligibility limited to U.S. residents.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Hope y’all have a happy Friday! And if you get a chance, tell someone you love them…a bushel and a peck.



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  1. I loooove the bushel and a peck sign also. I have sung that song to all of my kids at one point and still so ????❤️

  2. I can hardly pick just one…:-) I love the wine bottle & the “let love grow here” sign. Lots of great things!!!

  3. Hey Lauren,
    I LOVE the bushel and a peck sign!! And so many more of the items in her shop! I hope I’m the lucky winner. Thanks for sharing – hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I sang that song to my girls as well. I love the home sweet home sign, the good day sign and the country sign. Hard choices!!

  5. Lauren, I just have to tell you that yours is one of my absolute favorite blogs. I love EVERYTHING about it –. What a sweet little girls room. Olivia is a lucky little girl.
    Karen @ the decorated nest! Love the “”you are the cream in my coffee sign”!

  6. Such a sweet sign for your little girls room! I tend to have a slight obsession with the number 4 and letter A (I wonder why, ha!), so I would definitely pick a reclaimed wood letter. I hope you have a great weekend, Lauren! Thanks for the great giveaway!

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