Christmas 2014 + An Exciting Update

Merry late Christmas y’all! I used to think Christmas couldn’t get any better when I was a kid, and then once our little one came along, I discovered it’s the most fun of all when you’re a parent.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I apologize for your newsfeed overload of pictures…I’m kind of obsessed with this kid. I think we’ll keep her. Olivia got a full baby doll haul from Santa and grandparents, and she was in absolute heaven.

Almost everything consisted of Goodwill projects and consignment sale finds. Her doll crib that has been used in my family for 3 generations was given a makeover by my mother. (It must run in the family.)
And we watched her Frozen DVD, her prized stocking stuffer, twice. That second time was at the request of my Marine veteran husband. Haha! Oops. I completely just ratted him out, didn’t I?
So about that exciting update…I will be guest posting tomorrow on Remodelaholic!
When Lorene from Remodelaholic contacted me a few weeks ago asking if they could feature me, I probably read the e-mail four times before I realized I wasn’t being punked. It is the before-and-after mecca, I tell ya! I’ll be giving all kinds of details on our faux fireplace build, so you will be my bestest friend in the world if you would check it out and leave me some love over there.
It’s really the best Christmas present little blogger me could have asked for.
I’d love to know how your Christmas was! What goodies did you get? I hope it was at least full of memories you’ll always cherish.
Blessings for the last weekend of 2014!
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  1. She’s a cutie, so keep on sharing! My son loves Frozen too. Have been watching at least three times a week for about a month now. Congratulations on the guest post! That’s an amazing opportunity!