Classic Decor Spotlight: Busts

A round-up of the best decorative bust sculptures and bust planters for all budgets for timeless classic home decor.

I put up a poll on Instagram the other week and asked what people thought of busts in decor. Like or dislike?

bust planter on an entryway table

And 70% of people said they weren’t big fans of decorating with busts. Well then…

But you know what the beauty is about decorating? It’s your house and you can decorate it however you want. If you want to stick a classic bust on every single tabletop, you go for it, girlfriend.

I personally really LOVE them just like I do antique portraits. They make me wonder a little bit about history, and they can add a layer of sophistication to a room. So they were worth adding to the Classic Decor Spotlight series.

black entryway table with baskets, bust planter, lamp, and map art. White walls and black door

(If you don’t know what that is, the Classic Decor Spotlight features a type of decor that is perfect for using in a Decor Capsule. It’s timeless, works for any season, has been in style for decades and likely will be forever. It provides a blueprint for home decorating you’ll always love, no matter the era.)

decorative busts

So if you’re like me in the 30% “like” vote, here are a bunch of decorative busts for all price points you can use anywhere in your home.

(Affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

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  1. I love decorator bust(s), I have a few, do you have a link on getting some that are discount? They’re quite expensive 😳

    1. Hi, Patti. You should be able to see some in several price ranges. However, your local Goodwill or any other thrift store may have some GREAT finds for you in this category. These are the gems you stop in for a quick random search hoping to catch. 🙂

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