Clock Wall Color Switch & How to DIY Aged Metal

I have a long list of favorite things: old black and white family albums, oak tree canopy covered roads, and Bing Crosby musicals to name a few.

And when it comes to decor, I’ve figured out that I like our house to reflect that same sort of nostalgia even if our house is brand new. Every chance I get, I snap up something with aged metal or worn wood whether at a thrift store, Target, or even a barn. And sometimes, I take matters into my own hands to create my own.

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (6 of 10)

This time, to tackle the plan of switching out the red in our breakfast area, I figured out a super easy way to create a faux aged galvanized metal finish.

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (4 of 1)

I used a little ASCP Duck Egg from our kitchen chairs to get rid of the red on one of the skeleton keys and Roman numeral clocks, but the red letters I picked up from Target a year ago were a little more tricky…at first.

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (2 of 1)

At first, I sprayed the letters with a couple coats of Rustoleum spray paint in Aluminum and hung them back up. Robert wasn’t a fan, and honestly neither was I. They were too shiny and pretty and looked too glam with just the silver going on. (Thank goodness 90% of the time we’re on the same page when it comes to our likes and dislikes.)

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (1 of 10)

So I took them back down and tried to think of a way to make the silver finish look more “grungy”. In a good way of course.

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (2 of 10)

And like I always do for everything, I racked my brain for what I could use from my craft stash inventory to age the too-pretty silver.

I came up with some gray craft paint (Folk Art Medium Gray) and figured I had nothing to lose.

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (3 of 10)

With a paint brush, I put a little on the end and dabbed off the excess onto a paper plate. Then dry-brushed the rest onto a paper towel.

If you don’t know what dry-brushing is, just swipe your brush onto a paper towel until no paint comes off.

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (4 of 10)

From there I just swiped the dry brush on the shiny, silver finish of the metal letters, and bam. Instantly aged. I repeated loading up my brush and dry brushing until I was happy with it.

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (5 of 10)

Much more industrial and less glam now.

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (8 of 10)

And no more red! Don’t look too closely or you’ll notice that two of the clocks’ batteries have died.

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (7 of 10)

Daylight Savings Time is a chore on this wall. But it’s totally worth it. And, hey, we never wonder what time it is!

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (9 of 10)

In case you’re curious, all of it came from the clearance section of Target, Hobby Lobby, and Garden Ridge.

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (10 of 10)

Family and friends who come to visit have translated the meaning on this wall to say, “The key to a happy family is making time to eat together.” So we do just that. 🙂

If you liked this post, check out this one too for super simple tips to make your own gallery wall. Anyone can do it: (Clickable image)




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  1. Just took your house tour again, and remembered you from all the amazing and clever things you have done to decorate and update your house— truly great! And of course who could ever forget the wall of clocks! Would just love to eat meals looking at them. Keep up the good work on everything. Judy.

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! You completely just made my day! 🙂 I’m actually sitting right beside that clock wall at the moment and realizing that every single one is displaying a different time. I think it’s time to invest in new batteries. Haha

  2. The wall looks great, you would never know there used to be some red. I love the green clock face you did. I always struggle on those projects to make it look random and natural. For some reason I always want it even which doesn’t look as authentic for the aged over time look. Looking forward to see what you get up to next.

  3. You did an awesome job on that weathered red clock also! If I hadn’t seen the before and after, I never would have known that it didn’t come from the store in the blue!

  4. I love the changes too. Don’t you love when you can “fix” something right from the stash you have rather than running to the store? I know I am so thrilled when I can be resourceful. I love the aged look you gave it with the dry brush technique. I can’t wait to see the whole room with the new color on the chairs, the lack of color on the wall, and the neutral drapes.

    Nancy @ SlightlyCoastal

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