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Colorful Playroom Rugs

It feels like this year has been The Year of the Shiplap White. I’ve sort of been on a paint-everything-white frenzy with the rest of the Joanna Gaines lovin’ crowd, but lately with our playroom makeover, I’ve been wanting to blaze my own trail a little bit. (Imitating pretty design is fun and all, but being yourself is way more important, right?)

With this playroom makeover we’ve been working on for the One Room Challenge, I know this is the space where I can really have some fun with COLOR! Hence the star of this post…

12 Colorful Playroom Rugs | blesserhouse.com - 12 colorful playroom rugs that could work in any casual and fun-loving space, even for a small budget.

I really do have a rug addiction. We have one in nearly every single room now. But I love them for so many reasons. They create lots of gorgeous texture and interest and pattern and color, and it doesn’t hurt that they always make a space feel truly like home. Nothing feels better than kicking those shoes off after a long day and wiggling your toes on a cozy soft rug. (Maybe that’s a Southern thing… I dunno.)

Or in this case… letting Olivia sprawl out on it with her piles of Barbies and building blocks.

Last week, after we installed the bohemoth built-ins and painted the walls, here’s what our playroom looked like. A thousand times better than before but still very very white.

12 Colorful Playroom Rugs | blesserhouse.com - 12 colorful playroom rugs that could work in any casual and fun-loving space, even for a small budget.

I’m a big fan of choosing light, neutral colors for our walls and letting the accessories take center stage to play around with colors and patterns, especially to change with the seasons. Plus, it’s a lot easier to change years down the road when you want a room refresh. (Because me no like painting.)

Lately, I’ve been scouring the internet in the search for the perfect colorful rug for in here, and I thought it would be a good idea to share (as I always do when trying to make decorating decisions) since some of y’all might have a hankering for some color in your life too.

Just click the images of the rugs below for the links. These images I grabbed definitely don’t do these rugs justice since, for a lot of them, you can see more of the details on the shopping sites themselves.

I tried to stick to ones that were more reasonably priced since hello, Goldfish and apple juice will most likely end up all over this thing. $1,000 rug for a playroom? Not happening.

(Affiliate links are provided below for convenience. For more info, see my full disclosure here.)

Way funkier than any of stuff I’ve ever shared on this blog before, right? I’m trying to channel a little less Joanna and a little more Emily Henderson / Justina Blakeney on this one.

I’m going with a cotton rug since those are soft on little knees, have a great casual feel, and are easier to clean. I’ll be sharing a Week 3 update on our playroom tomorrow too and hopefully a couple of sneak peeks on Instagram stories. Yay!

Can you envision it yet? Which one would you pick? Are you a fan of color in your house or are you a neutral lover all the way? If you have a playroom, at least you can have fun stepping out of your comfort zone and going a little crazy.


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  1. Love reading your blog. I feel like I am sitting down with a friend, especially a southern friend! I love the last rug. It would look great with your new paint color. Good luck with your decision making. The built-in bookcases are awesome.

    1. Aw thank you, Pat! That’s exactly how I feel when I sit down to write this blog. Just like having a chat over coffee.

  2. So many choices! I’m stuck on the rug you displayed in your design plan – Safavieh Ipswich Rug (green). It’s colorful but not too bold and I’m sure your daughters artwork will pick up the color in that rug beautifully. Best wishes 🙂

    1. I absolutely loved that one! They were sold out when I went to buy it so it was back to the drawing board. I guess everyone else liked it too. But I think I’ve found a happy medium that’s both bold but still not too over-the-top. We’ll see! Eeek! 🙂

  3. You’ve gone wild! : ) The built-ins look great! So many rug choices. I’d eliminate the Oriental pattern one, too formal. I can see the alphabet one being used for fun pre-reading activities in the playroom (spoken like a retired teacher!). My “comfort zone” leans towards the stripes (nautical resident of coastal Maine!). Stepping outside my comfort zone, I’d pick the medallion design, middle, bottom row…….I think! Good luck with your decision making!

    1. Haha! So not the norm for this blog, right? I agree with the Oriental and alphabet. Pretty but not quite right. We ended up with the stripes. It’s turned out perfectly for the space. 🙂