Cottagecore Kitchenware Favorites

The best cookware, servingware, and kitchen decor from Walmart with a designer modern cottage style for less.

Does it mean you’re officially an adult when you put a kitchen appliance on your birthday wish list? If so, count me in as a member of the grown-ups club.

I got way too excited over this pretty cottagecore inspired air fryer when it arrived this week.

Like… finding all of the matches to the odd socks in the laundry, scoring the closest parking spot to the grocery store, opening a brand new dish sponge kind of excited. Being a grown-up is weird like that.

But isn’t it pretty?!

kitchen with white and green cabinets and cottagecore style kitchenware

Side note: Totally did not bake that key lime pie myself, but if I put it in a cute dish, no one has to know that, right?

Walmart has been rocking it with cottagecore style designer-look-for-less decor lately.

If you’ve never heard of cottagecore before, it’s basically a “move over, modern farmhouse” kind of design movement with a nod to the traditional English countryside. Think thatched roofs, floral prints… you know that dreamy cottage Kate Winslet lives in from The Holiday (aka favorite movie house ever!). All that loveliness. 😉

So I rounded up a bunch of my absolute favorite budget-friendly cottagecore style kitchenwares from Walmart that ooze with charm and reminders of simpler times.

The best cookware, servingware, and kitchen decor from Walmart with a designer modern cottage style for less.

1. Air Fryer – $129 I cooked a 3 course dinner in it the other day and couldn’t believe the size!

2. Cookware Set – $100 Comes in 4 beautiful colors with 10 pieces!

3. Ruffled Pie Plate – $20 Legitimately the most charming pie plate I’ve ever seen.

4. Footed Bowl – $10 We keep this bowl on our countertop 24/7 as a pretty way to keep fruit in easy reach.

5. Kitchen Towel Set – $11 Love these linen look for less towels. The DIYer in me wants to make pillows out of them.

6. Knife Block – $59 The white is so cute!

7. Rustic Cutting Board – $23 The perfect sized cutting board that looks like an antique.

8. Sugar, Creamer, Butter Dish Set – $30 Like something straight from a grandmother’s kitchen!

9. Ceramic Crock – $20 A lovely way to keep cooking utensils in reach.

10. Electric Kettle – $40 If you’re a tea or cocoa drinker, it’s a must! And comes in 4 colors.

11. Enamel Dutch Oven – $60 I cannot believe the price on this! The little gold knob is a beautiful touch.

12. Coffee Pot – $59 Seriously considered replacing our coffee pot with this because it’s so good.

13. Toaster – $40 Beautifully combines a vintage look with modern touchscreen features.

14. Chambray Apron – $15 So easy breezy and cute.

15. Wooden Utensil Set – $25 Totally a grown-up level of happiness to have a favorite wooden spoon. Haha!

16. Acrylic Canister Set with Spoons – $31 I love that these are made of durable acrylic but with a cottage look.

kitchen shelf decor and cottagecore kitchenware

cottagecore style air fryer

Drew Barrymore just launched a line of kitchenwares called Beautiful that certainly lives up to the name. This cute air fryer from her line comes in several other colors too. But that champagne gold accent sold me.

I got this pretty electric kettle from her line too that reminds me so much of a few designer brands.

Budget version of the Smeg electric kettle

This cookware set comes in several different colors too, but my favorite is this minty sage green shade.

cottagecore style cookware for less

Somehow you can never have enough cutting boards. This board is the perfect size and heft with a rustic feel.

cottagecore style cookware for less

And I can’t resist this ruffled pie plate. It would make the sweetest gift for a neighbor or hostess to brighten their day.

cottagecore style ruffled pie plate

One of these days, we plan to do a big renovation in this kitchen. But that’s still a year or two down the road, while we focus on the backyard this year. Our quick, inexpensive kitchen refresh is holding us over.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned these last few years from this kitchen it’s to love your home right here, right now.

Find the beauty in it. Maybe add a coat of paint and some cute kitchen accessories. This little kitchen has loved us right back, and we’re so thankful for it.

modern cottage style kitchen refresh

If you want to see even more cottagecore decor from Walmart, you can explore more of it here.

And while we’re on the subject… who has some rockstar air fryer recipes? I’m a total newb and need all the help I can get over here!

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  1. Pretty items! Would love to know how the nonstick cookware set holds up over time, especially the skillet. I could use a new non-stick skillet. I prefer stainless for most things, but love non-stick for frying eggs and was considering a single skillet from this line.

  2. Love all the items you shared! Favorite thing to cook in my air fryer is fresh salmon:

    Fresh salmon
    Olive oil
    Garlic minced
    Garlic powder
    Onion powder

    Rub olive oil over fresh salmon (front & back)
    Add garlic powder, salt, pepper, onion powder and minced onion

    Put in air fryer at 380 for 10 minutes
    Then 400 for 10 minutes

  3. I love all the stuff you share. I am disappointed when its all out of stock. The kettle, air fryer and coffee pot not in stock in white. I looked early this morning.

    1. Sure! The green lowers are Sherwin Williams Billiard Green and the uppers are Benjamin Moore Simply White.