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Back during our “blizzard”, I went on a project rampage around my house. I think I had hit total boredom mode. And one of the projects I attempted was turning an old window from my in-laws’ barn into a mirror using Krylon Looking Glass Paint. It turned out okay, and I thought maybe that aged window look would grow on me, but it never really did. The problem could have been the operator and not so much the paint itself. Regardless, this thing needed  a change. It just looked like…a dirty window. And it bugged me to no end.
When I saw the chalkboard window idea from Thistlewood Farms and The Shabby Creek Cottage, and I realized I just happened to have leftover chalkboard paint and white vinyl from my kitchen wall and hand-lettering decal, it was a no brainer. Free project! It cost me $0!
So, first, I  had to tape off the glass to prevent getting any chalkboard paint on the lovely chippiness of the frame. Old, chippy painted anything must. be. saved!
(Side note: I’m apologizing in advance for some poor-quality photos on this one. Oh the woes of crafting at night with bad lighting!)
I wiped down the glass with Windex and gave the front-side of the window panes 2 coats of spray primer.
For the chalkboard finish, I used a foam brush to get a smooth finish. Paint brushes can make the surface uneven for writing, so I was extra careful to make smooth strokes on this step.
I brushed on two coats of the chalkboard paint. (This photo was taken after one coat.)  Let the paint cure for 48 hours before using chalk on it.
For the weekday labels, I used the same concept from the hand-lettering decal DIY. (If you have a Cricut machine, you have it easy on this step…and I’m jealous of you.)
In Word, I used the Word Art feature to type into a text box. Then I flipped the text box to mirror it and printed on the backside of a piece of craft vinyl in a white matte.
I cut out the letters with an Xacto knife to get them perfect. (Cutting out on top of a pizza box helps a lot so that you don’t cut into the table.)
Ta da! All cut out and ready to stick onto the window panes.
Once the days of the week were labeled, I rubbed the window pane chalkboards with a layer of chalk. And it makes the vinyl look more like chalk too.
Then, just wipe it off so that it will have a worn look and the chalkboards won’t have glaring writing marks when you erase later.
And now I can keep track of weekly plans and have a message board right beside our garage door.
Robert and I are bad about making plans and forgetting about them or not informing the other of upcoming events and schedules, so I’m hoping this will break us of that. And if it won’t keep us organized, well at least it’s cute. 😉

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