DIY Craftsman Window Trim in the Living Room

I’m not sure if you knew this, but I like beefy windows. Yep. It’s right up there high on my list along with super sweet carmel macchiatos and slobbery toddler kisses.

But if you’ve followed this little blog for a while, you might have already known that from our window oomphing in our master bathroom and Olivia’s bedroom. (Oomphing is a word, right? Sure it is.)

We’ve had our fancy schmancy living room window trim for a while, and just maybe you might have noticed it in our Christmas home tour last month, but for a long time, our living room windows looked like this…

DIY Craftsman Window Trim | blesserhouse.com

Kind of just…meh. The curtain panels helped make them look not so wimpy, but they still needed a little help in the character department.

Here’s what we were really dealing with once the curtains came down.

DIY Craftsman Window Trim | blesserhouse.com

I love that our living room has 5 windows with plenty of light. It’s the brightest room in our house. But these babies weren’t living up to their potential.

So now, even though it’s ever so subtle, they look like this!

DIY Craftsman Window Trim | blesserhouse.com

Well, okay, my photography doesn’t really do them justice here. But in person, they kick major booty from what they were before.

We gave our big dining room window a facelift too! I can’t believe the difference a few pieces of wood and some paint can make.

I’m sharing all of the details over on Remodelaholic today, and you can see the entire tutorial here!

Hope to see you over there! Pop in and say hi in the comments while you’re there too! I love hearing from you guys. Let me know what you think!



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  1. The trim you added makes an amazing difference. The lake house that we just built has windows with no trim except for small window sills. One of these days I hope to do something similar to beef up our windows. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oooh, very nice.! My hubs even stopped to take a look…I must have been oohing and aahing louder than I realised!! 🙂 A ‘Hmmph’ of approval means he is thinking this over..yea!! Over at Remodelaholic you mentioned that you have plans for an area rug for this space. Your pic above shows a lovely jute rug…did I miss something.? (I love the jute rug 🙂 )

    1. Ooh yay! Fingers crossed window trim is in your future. Haha! We DIYed the windows in here back in November actually, and since then, we added the jute rug. 🙂 It just takes a couple months for our projects to end up on the Remodelaholic site.

  3. Your rooms are always so pretty and fresh! I”m loving those ceiling fans too! Any details on them would be appreciated!
    Thanks for sharing!