DIY Faux Wood Painted Door

If you’ve ever wondered where the blunders are on this blog, look no further. I ran smack into a big ol’ project fail the other week. (There are more in the Bless’er House bank of flops, but this one survived.)

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

Last month, when I showed our foyer reveal and board and batten tutorial, I mentioned that I was itching to do something with our plain front door.

We live in a neighborhood with strict HOAs where we aren’t allowed to change anything on the exterior of our house, so a new, more interesting door was out of the question (and out of the budget).

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

But while surfing around Pinterest trying to brainstorm ideas, I came across this one from My Vintage Home Love for a diy faux wood painted door. Ding ding ding! Brilliant! The only problem was there weren’t really any instructions.

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

So I decided I’d figure it out along the way. Most of the time that plan works. This time…well…not so much.

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I gathered up some supplies choosing four different shades of brown and a gold in paint samples along with an antiquing glaze.

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

Purdy was generous to provide me with my favorite paint brush, a 2″ angled Nylox one, to replace my old brush that had finally bit the dust after about 20+ painting projects. I’ll take a new paint brush over a new pair of shoes any day. (Which probably explains why most of my clothes have paint splatters on them.)

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

I taped off my door and started layering the different shades of brown, starting with the lightest brown first. And then things went horribly wrong. It didn’t get any better from here. I put down my camera and tried to figure out the mess I’d created. Ugh!

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

The artist in me was nowhere to be found. But oh wait! That’s right. I only paint stick people. Faux wood grain is so not happening this way.

So then to plan B.

Here’s how I fixed it. (That’s the beauty of paint anyway, right? It can always be fixed.)

The (revised) supply list:

  • 1 sample pot of Valspar Italian Leather
  • 1 sample pot of Valspar Moss Mulch
  • 1 Purdy 2″ angled Nylox brush
  • Painter’s tape (unless you have a very steady hand)
  • A dry rag or paper towels

In the end, I resolved to painting the entire door with two coats of the Valspar Italian Leather. 1 sample pot was plenty to cover it.

When the Italian Leather color was dry, I gave the entire door a dry-brushing of the Moss Mulch color. I just dipped the brush into the paint about an inch, wiped the excess paint on a dry rag, and brushed sporadically onto the door to give a bit of a wood grain look.

I went back into the grooves of the door with the Italian Leather color again later for a little definition.

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

I’m still not 100% sure I’m loving it. It’s growing on me. I think it might be more of those I-have-to-get-used-to-it before I love it kind of situations rather than the ew-I-hate-it sort of things. Like a drastic new haircut. I ran into the same feelings after I painted our kitchen chairs, and now I love them!

If it doesn’t grow on me after a while, I might redo it with a completely different color, but I’m leaving it alone until I know for sure.

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

The great news is since I only used 2 sample pots, it only cost about $7!

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

I’m hoping to add a header to the top of the door moulding for some added height and to make our dinky front door a teensy bit more of a statement.

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

As for the door itself, I’ll still be dreaming of the Craftsman style front doors with the charming windows in them. But sometimes I just have to resolve to saying, “Maybe in our next house.” (Whenever that may be.)

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

It at least no longer blends in with the white board and batten and looks different from the rest of the doors in our house. Winning!

DIY Faux Wood Painted Door | Bless'er House

What do you think? Does it look like wood grain or a front door that’s trying too hard? I’m calling in the reinforcements on this one.



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