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DIY Planked Board and Batten Focal Wall Reveal

You want to know the absolute greatest DIY secret on the planet?

I’m talkin’ complete painting-frenzy game-changer here:

The “Don’t Stop Believin'” Pandora Radio station.

It’s true. Snow White’s seven dwarves who whistled while they worked? They were onto something.

So 80s rock jams are officially the soundtrack of our master bedroom makeover

DIY Planked Board and Batten Focal Wall Reveal | blesserhouse.com

UPDATE: See our full master bedroom makeover reveal here!

Anytime Robert and I bust out the power tools or paint brushes, Journey or Queen is blaring throughout the room.

We make it a dance / DIY date, usually with Olivia jumping on the bed along with our tunes.

So last week, while I was sharing Part 1 for how we built our DIY planked board and batten focal wall, I was caulking and painting away like a mad woman.

DIY Planked Board and Batten Focal Wall Reveal | blesserhouse.com

I looooove (okay, erm…really really likity like) how it turned out!

DIY Planked Board and Batten Focal Wall Reveal | blesserhouse.com

I went with the color Sherwin Williams Alabaster in semi-gloss for the planked wall, and I think it might be my favorite shade of white ever. It’s the perfect creamy white, not too stark white and not too yellowy, just right.

A few years ago, if you had asked me what my favorite shade of white was, I would have looked at you like you had three eyeballs on your head. It’s bonkers how many white shades are out there and how completely different they can look in a room.

The Alabaster paint doesn’t match our bathroom and closet doors at all, but those are about to get switched out for something fancier anyway.

DIY Planked Board and Batten Focal Wall Reveal | blesserhouse.com

We’re nowhere close to being finished in here, and we already have more updates to show you guys, but this is really the first step that has felt like a big leap.

I already have a pretty good idea what I want to hang over our bed, but I’m curious, what would you put there? A mirror? Art? Faux taxidermy? Wreath? Leave it blank?

DIY Planked Board and Batten Focal Wall Reveal | blesserhouse.com

After having our duvet for over two years, I finally picked up this ticking stripe one at Ikea last week. Our bedding feels so much more luxurious with that extra weight now.

DIY Planked Board and Batten Focal Wall Reveal | blesserhouse.com

Here’s where we are on the ol’ checklist:

  • DONE: Paint walls (Benjamin Moore Moonshine)
  • DONE: Install planked board and batten wall
  • Change hardware on dresser
  • Install window trim
  • Install crown moulding
  • Refinish barn doors
  • Hang barn doors
  • Change out lamps
  • Hang decor over bed
  • Replace blinds with bamboo shades?
  • Hang curtains
  • Buy area rug
  • Change out mirror
  • Paint a gray wash on bed?

Whew! Yep… still a long way to go. But it’s nothing a little power tool jam sesh to “Bohemian Rhapsody” can’t fix. 😉

UPDATE!  You can check out more about all of the projects and makeovers that went into our master bedroom here:

So what do you think? Are you loving it as much as we do? Do you have a favorite 80s rock jam all us DIYers should add to our playlist? Or a favorite Pandora station??



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  1. This turned out amazing, Lauren! It makes me want to put a plank wall in one of our bedrooms. I would totally throw a big grapevine or boxwood wreath up there, but it really doesn’t need much!

  2. I am so with you on the 80’s rock station jamming! It’s hard not to work up a frenzy to Bohemian Rhapsody! Room is looking fabulous. I do like that soft Alabaster white. Stay motivated!

    1. Hahaha! Maybe I should have phrased that as “mirror over the headboard”. We like our 80s rock, but we’re not quiiiiite that rock n roll. Bahahaha!