Driftwood Grain Sack Stool Makeover

Five years ago, we invaded Ikea for a family reunion. Seriously. That furniture puzzle factory never saw it coming.

My grandmother’s side of the family is from Sweden, so when my Swedish cousins flew across the pond for a visit, I and all of my relatives took them to a Midsommar celebration at Ikea, complete with a Scandanavian buffet, maypole dance, and flower crowns.

It. was. so. freaking. fun.

Driftwood Grain Sack Stool Makeover | Bless'er House

I chuckle every time I walk into Ikea just thinking about that outside-of-the-box family reunion.

So on my last Ikea run, I came home with this plain wooden step stool (called Bekvam if you want to get all Swedish about it).

Driftwood Grain Sack Stool Makeover | Bless'er House

Lately, Olivia had been dragging our chairs over to the counter to be a helper in the kitchen while I cooked dinner, and she could never reach the bathroom sink when she needed to. So she loved this thing the minute it showed up in our house.

I was itching to make it pretty though. So I just used a few supplies I had in my stash.

Supplies used: (Affiliate links are used below. For more information, see my disclosure policy.)

I made this a quick naptime project, and didn’t document the steps with my camera, but there wasn’t much to it really.

I followed the directions on the back of the cans for the pre-stain and driftwood stain first, and I just painted on a few grain sack stripes using my method that I did on my grain sack folding chairs. Once dry, I gave them a good sanding for a little distressing, and that was it!

Isn’t it cute?!

Driftwood Grain Sack Stool Makeover | Bless'er House

I used that driftwood stain on our oversized vintage map and anniversary driftwood sign. I love the dimension it shows in the wood!

Driftwood Grain Sack Stool Makeover | Bless'er House

Olivia flipped for it too…not even exaggerating. Actual somersaults.

Driftwood Grain Sack Stool Makeover | Bless'er House

It’ll probably stay in her bathroom most of the time, but it’s hard to photograph in that dark space. The stool works perfectly though!

Driftwood Grain Sack Stool Makeover | Bless'er House

We have just a couple more things to wrap up in this bathroom before we can call it complete. But it’s getting there! Yay!

What do you think? Did it turn out cute? Are you a big Ikea makeover fan too? Or maybe danced around a maypole with a Swedish meatball stuffed in your mouth before? It’s glorious. You should try it.



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    1. Haha! Oh yes, that red is gone! I’m so glad. I love red, especially at Christmas, but it’s so not me. I’m sure it’ll click one day for you though. 🙂

    1. Hmm…good question! I don’t think it’s formulated to use on exteriors, but I wonder if you could use the stain and then seal it with a marine grade polyurethane? I think Cabot makes a similar version for exteriors though. That would be beautiful for a porch!

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