Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

30 of the most highly rated Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who are sentimental, practical, athletes, cooks, gardeners, and techies.

I wanna know who hit the fast-forward button on May because lo and behold we’re only about 2 weeks from Father’s Day! I mean… how?!

This year, I’m determined to have my act together since Robert totally deserves a rockin’ gift to reward him for all of the baby wrangling we’ve done together these last 8 months. (Also… how is our baby already 8 months?!!!)

So I’m sharing all of my Father’s Day gift brainstorming with y’all.
Father's Day Gift Guide 2019 | 30 of the most highly rated Father's Day gift ideas for dads who are sentimental, practical, athletes, cooks, gardeners, and techies.

I really just came up with a big list of all of the things that Robert and my own dad would love. Then, researched the heck out of reviews to find the best of the best for my two favorite sentimental, athletic, chefy, gardeny, techy, practical guys on the planet.

These were the winners…

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Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Sentimental

For the sentimental

1. Fingerprint ring – How sweet would this be to give to your husband with your little ones’ fingerprints on it? You can have keychains and necklace pendants made too. Honestly, I want one for me.

2. Desk valet with photo frame – I legit asked Robert what he’d want for Father’s Day and a “photo frame for my desk with a picture of my little family” was his answer. This frame is just tricked out with extras like handy docking stations and a place for everything.

3. Sound wave art – This is cool if you want something unique. You can have your kids (or you and your siblings for your dad) say a message and have the recorded sound wave of your voices turned into art.

4. Tickets to a bucket list concert or sporting event – Robert gave me concert tickets to see one of my favorite bands on my bucket list at Christmas and it was seriously the sweetest. For our anniversary last year, he surprised me with concert tickets to see the band that sang our wedding song. I’m telling ya… it’s a winner (and so is he).

5. Comic strip art – This artist can create a comic strip of your family’s actual faces along with a little story line. It’d be so fun in a man cave or office!

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Practical

For the practical

1. Men’s skincare kit – Dads deserve facials too, okay? This is a really good one.

2. Carry on luggage – This one is perfect for airport travel and not too pricey.

3. Multi-tool set – This was another one I had NO idea would be a good gift, but according to Robert, it’s the best and every guy always needs one. So I learned something.

4. Wallet – Hard to argue with a classic. This one is super organized, slim, and has thousands of 5 star ratings on Amazon.

5. Universal socket – If your guy is handy (or even if he’s not), he’ll love this little thing.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Athlete

For the athlete

1. Meal prep bag – If your dad or husband is into meal prepping, this one is legit!

2. Running shoes – This one is rated as one of the most comfortable running shoes out there.

3. Wireless noise-canceling headphones – So dad/hubby can listen to his jams during workouts

4. Vibrating deep tissue roller – Great for muscle recovery after intense workouts

5. Workout pants – These are super comfy and breathable

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Cook and Grill Master

For the cook

1. Barbecue tool set – This one is great for packing up to go tailgating or camping.

2. Denim apron – I love the design of this apron and that it has pockets for keeping things handy for grilling out

3. Enameled cast-iron dutch oven – My dad (the chef) was obsessed with finding a great enameled dutch oven for making gumbo. This one is the #1 rated.

4. BBQ gloves, meat claws, and meat thermometer – I gave my dad a similar set years ago and was so proud of myself because it was a hit! It works perfectly for smoking a mean pork butt.

5. Grill – Robert just bought a grill and we researched like crazy before taking the plunge. We agree that this one is still the favorite. It does everything!

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Gardener

For the gardener

1. Garden stool / kneeler – If your dad/hubby loves gardening, this stool turns into a cushy kneeler and has handy pockets for gardening tools.

2. Rain barrel – If your gardener wants a great solution for watering his garden, this rain barrel is cost-effective and pretty enough to blend in with landscaping.

3. Compost bin – This one has two separate compartments to keep gardens nourished and recycle at the same time.

4. Gardening hat – Love the look of this one and the fact that it keeps sun out of eyes without being hot

5. Gardening tool set – This carrying case made it the winner for me.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Techy

For the techy

1. Echo Show / Google Hub – If your dad/hubby likes his Echo or Google Assistant, he’ll love this to add along with it.

2. Drone – Robert has this Mavic 2 Pro and totally nerds out over it. We can’t get over the video quality!

3. 3D pen – If your dad/hubby is artistic, this one is a lot of fun.

4. Ring Video Doorbell Pro – A great addition to any smart home capabilities. Robert loves scaring the bajeezers out of me on this thing when I’m on the front porch by talking through it when he’s not home. Haha! It’s good for way more other things too though. 😉

5. Bluetooth waterproof shower speaker – A fun little gadget for anyone who likes to jam to music in the shower.


Got any others you’d add? I know there are plenty of other categories for dad gifts, but those are just the ones I’m an expert at. 😉

If you want any free ideas though, just remember that good ol’ quality time does the trick. There’s no gift better. Except maybe dad’s favorite home cooked meal.

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