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Hello all! I hope you’re enjoying some gorgeous spring weather your way. Robert and I took a little walk around our neighborhood with Olivia this weekend, and it was glorious. We ducked into some of the houses under construction around us while we were out so we could have a peek. Don’t lie, you know you do it too. 😉 
I’ve also been trying my hand at a little accessorizing this weekend. I am by no means the décor-master and it might be painfully obvious if you are a pro yourself, but considering I’m working with what I have, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. It’s the “this or nothing” mentality again. So here’s my stab at the first stages of some décor in our foyer.
 For comparison sake, here’s what it looked like before.
5 Months Ago:
1 Month ago:
If you look at it that way, this little space has come a long way. I had been searching for months for a good foyer table that wouldn’t be too overwhelming in such a narrow foyer but wouldn’t be so tiny that it would be a dwarf of a table under those 9 foot ceilings. So, I went to my number one source: Craigslist. Really, what else did you expect from me? And even though it needed some serious love, I couldn’t resist the size and shape of this table. It’s perfect!
Do you see those dings and worn spots? There’s distressed and then there’s just “dang that’s one sad lookin’ hunk ‘a wood.” Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was my little bitty foyer. Bare with me here.
But for now, I’ve given it a home until I can tackle it with some chalk paint and distressing wax this summer, but considering it was $75, yup, that’s right…I still win.
So to start accessorizing it, I really just shopped my house. I’m always finding great little items in thrift stores or on clearance aisles, and I snag them right up when I know I can make them work somewhere. Sometimes that somewhere hasn’t been established yet and I think “If I just had a foyer table, this would be so great.” Boom. Done. Now, the other knick-knacks thrown into our currently storage-closety office are homeless, but I’m working on it.
This little herb basket was a clearance aisle find at Home Goods and the only thing wrong with it was the handle that kept popping off, nothing a little glue wouldn’t fix. And the stack of books were thrifted. I might eventually spray paint them, like I saw done in the Charlotte Parade of Homes, but for now, I like the eclectic thing going on.
I really love this little bronzed lamp that I discovered at Goodwill for $2. I found the lampshade for $9 in Ross. I think it has so much character!
This birdcage was actually a centerpiece at our wedding that I couldn’t bare to part with. I had found it four years ago on the clearance aisle in Hobby Lobby because one of the wooden “bars” was broken. Not a deal breaker though. The lovebirds inside were carved by my father-in-law, The Whittler, as a topper for our cake since we had a bird theme. He hand crafted it out of a piece of wood. The work he does is incredible. I’m still deciding if the birdcage should go somewhere else though. I might put a vase with flowers there instead just for a bit of something more colorful and organic.
The glass bottles beside it seem out of place, but I’m keeping them there until I figure out somewhere else.
I really love the suitcase I put on the shelf because of the story behind it. (You know me and my stories. Hence my entire post about my $9 vintage typewriter.)  My grandmother carried this suitcase on her honeymoon over 60 years ago when she married my grandfather. It may look beaten up to you, but to me it says, “I have a beautiful history.” The baskets, I actually used for a while when I got into doing newborn photography. The business didn’t last, but my props sure came in handy.

So that’s your tour around the foyer table. You had no idea what you were getting into, did you? It’s a work in progress, but it is nice to have a something greeting me when I walk in the door, besides a tail-wagging frantically happy Lola that is.

So here is what I have left to do in the foyer:
  • Add a mirror above table (currently working on for my next project)
  • Refinish table
  • DIY and hang some artwork
  • Install board and batten
  • Add a rug
  • Paint the inside of the front door…builder-grade steel, I hate you.
T-minus 13 school days left until summer…hurry up already!

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