How to Make a Pottery Barn Knock-Off Burlap Mat

Hi guys and gals! If you’ve been checking in on me for the past week, then you know I’ve been diving in to decorating our downstairs hallway and foyer. Since it is the first thing people see when they walk into my house, it’s important to me. Priorities, peeps! Plus, it makes me feel good when I walk in my front door and instantly think, “Heck yeah. My house is awesome.”
During our whirlwind of projects that Robert and I knocked out over the three-day weekend, I finally got around to a really small one that I’m pretty stoked about. It is super duper easy. And, honestly, it probably doesn’t even need a tutorial, but you know me.
So here ya go, a quick and simple Pottery Barn knock-off burlap mat.
I love getting decorating ideas from the Pottery Barn website and catalogue, but y’all, mark my words: I will never ever pay those prices (unless it’s one of their comfy cozy sofas; then I’ll make the exception). Still love ya, PB. But you’re out of my league. Their burlap matted 8×10 frame is $39! Say wha? Nuh uh.

Pottery Barn
I had found some great frames at Goodwill a while back for $3 each that I couldn’t pass up. One of the biggest things I look for when thrifting frames is if a mat is included. Hot dog, these had ’em.
And a trick I learned even in college (during my Ramen noodle eating broke days) was to make wall art using an old cut up calendar. My dorm was decked out with old Hollywood Glam everything, and it truly was my haven (I really wish I had a photo). I had black and white photographs of Paris framed all over my walls and even though I might have been living on boxed mac n cheese, my tiny room at least looked like I lived the high life.
This go-round, I snagged a calendar of Ansel Adams landscapes for about $15 on Amazon. So that’s 12 beautiful prints for a little over a dollar. If you really want to get your money’s worth, you could use it for a year first, but I’m too impatient for that.
Once I ripped out the old hokey print from the thrift store and replaced it with one of the calendar prints, I still felt like this wasn’t doing much for me. It needed something.
The answer: texture, baby! I love me some texture. And burlap always makes me giddy. Would you expect anything else from me really? Yes, I’m a dork.
So first thing, I reused the old mat to do this. You could easily cut out a cereal box or poster board to make one too. Mark the corners and the center to indicate where to cut the burlap.
Snip snip away. And use hot glue to attach the burlap to the edges of the mat.
Cut the inside pieces of burlap and fold over to attach with glue.
For the frame, I spray painted it with Rust-Oleum Espresso in a satin finish to make it look more like wood. I think a gloss would have looked more convincing, but I still like it. The original gold of the frame was actually pretty, but I wasn’t digging it in the foyer with the rest of the decor. Spray paint fixes everything. It’s almost as versatile as duct tape where I come from.
 And there ya go! The Pottery Barn version costs $39 for an 8×10. I spent about $5 for a 10×13. What do ya think?
 I made two of them, so there is a similar one on the other side of that mirror, which I refinished as well. But you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see my pretty Restoration Hardware knock-off foyer mirror. 😉
And it’s been a while since I had a bragging moment on here, so I have to leave you with a dose of cuteness. Check out Miss Livie Bug in her Memorial Day outfit (and her bow that we somehow ended up with from her cousins that we need to give back so I’m putting it to good use for now).
You might have a toddler on your hands when alllll of your pictures are blurry. This child never stops moving!
Only 7 more school days of teaching left until I get to be home with this munchkin for good! I can hardly contain myself!

Love and hugs!

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