How We Keep Our Living Room Organized

That title maybe should be taken loosely. I mean… our living room isn’t always organized. Seriously, real life happens in here daily. And if you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself in last year’s messy house tour (which reminds me I might be due for another).

How We Keep Our Living Room Organized | blesserhouse.com

But thankfully, it really doesn’t take long to do a quick clutter sweep in here because I have several organization solutions that work!

So today I’m over on Just a Girl and Her Blog where Abby has invited me to share for her Favorite Organized Space series. If you’ve never visited her blog and you need some help in the organizing department, she’s your girl!

How We Keep Our Living Room Organized | blesserhouse.com

You can pop over to check out the full tour of My Favorite Organized Space with all of my storage tricks and say hello while you’re there! I hope it helps you create some order and find peace in your own home.

And while we’re on the subject, are there other rooms in your house that you need some major help in organizing? Or have any organization tips of your own? I’d love to hear them and possibly write more organization posts soon!

For now, you can check out all of my other organization projects here.


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  1. I found your blog from Abby’s recent post. Your living room is beautiful and I LOVE that coffee table! Also, those curtains are fabulous. ~ Melissa @ The Simple Things in Life

  2. Love your blog! I’ve been wondering for awhile…how do you watch your TV? Is there seating facing it?



    1. Thanks, Sheila! Yes, we have our loveseat (beside our fireplace) facing the TV, and we can watch it from our longer sofa next to it too.

  3. Random question: where do you find good pillow inserts? Mine never hold their shape and yours look so fluffy and perky in these photos. P.S. I love your style!

    1. Thanks, Ginger! I’ve just picked mine up here and there at HomeGoods. I mostly try to buy only covers for them now that I have enough inserts.

  4. Every time I see pictures of your fire place I admire how crisp black the inside is. What kind of paint did you use to paint it?

    1. Thank you! I just used some black chalkboard paint I happened to already have. It’s a very flat paint, no sheen whatsoever, so it is super super black.

  5. Love the coffee table makeover! I’m looking for a unique piece similar to it. What types of items should I set for “search” on? 🙂