Kitchen Makeover Progress Beginnings

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I found out last week that there’s such a thing as a kitchen genie.

Because when I got home from a girls’ weekend, he granted me my kitchen wish…

Kitchen Makeover Progress Beginnings | blesserhouse.com - How to installed an Ikea farmhouse (Domsjo) sink into an existing formica countertop.


You can bet your bottom dollar I did cartwheels all over our house at the sight of our new farmhouse sink. (And I gave my kitchen genie a big ol’ smooch because hello… how did I deserve this awesome hubby of mine?!)

Granted, when I first walked in the door last Sunday and dropped my luggage, I walked into a storm of jigsaws and plumbing parts and a few four letter words here and there as Robert and his dad did the last finishing touches of the installation. Just so you don’t actually get the idea that this was a happy wave of the magic wand.

They worked so hard on this massive sink.

UPDATE: You can see our full kitchen makeover reveal here!

ANOTHER UPDATE: After living with this sink for several months, I shared my full review of it, plus how it’s holding up.  

In case you need a reminder, here’s what we had before:

Kitchen Before (6 of 6)

The old one was a big ol’ pain to keep clean and it was always a challenge trying to wash big pots and platters under that squatty little faucet in a shallow basin.

Kitchen Makeover Progress Beginnings | blesserhouse.com - How to installed an Ikea farmhouse (Domsjo) sink into an existing formica countertop.

Because I wasn’t here to take photos of the whole process, I will tell y’all it is possible to install an Ikea DOMSJÖ sink into an existing formica countertop! I have a couple of you guys to thank for directing me to these sources actually. (Woot woot for teamwork!)

You can reference THIS VIDEO and THIS TUTORIAL from At the Picket Fence for the handy dandy steps.

Kitchen Makeover Progress Beginnings | blesserhouse.com - How to installed an Ikea farmhouse (Domsjo) sink into an existing formica countertop.

So now we have officially kicked off the kitchen makeover! You can read all about it in this post in case you missed it before.

Kitchen Makeover Progress Beginnings | blesserhouse.com - How to installed an Ikea farmhouse (Domsjo) sink into an existing formica countertop.

I’m so glad I didn’t stick with my original plan to chicken out with a drop in cast iron sink. The idea of cutting into our countertops really scared me. More than any project we’ve ever done (which is probably crazy since we’ve done some daring things around here).

But this sink only cost us about $60 more than the drop in kind, and a lot of you gave me the courage I needed to make this happen… or convince Robert, whatever. Turns out, he had more faith in this than I did.

Kitchen Makeover Progress Beginnings | blesserhouse.com - How to installed an Ikea farmhouse (Domsjo) sink into an existing formica countertop.

I did a lot of research on the faucet too and decided on the most inexpensive bronze single mount one I could find that had the highest ratings-  the Pfister Wheaton Single Handle Faucet. (I found it the cheapest on Amazon as compared to home improvement stores.)

Kitchen Makeover Progress Beginnings | blesserhouse.com - How to installed an Ikea farmhouse (Domsjo) sink into an existing formica countertop.

So far, we’re lovin’ it! Except… now I really don’t want to wash my dirty pots and pans in our pretty white sink.

Basically, every time Robert or I walk into the kitchen now, we just find ourselves staring at it or petting it or saying to each other, “Man, this thing rocks!” Olivia wants to take a bath in it because she thinks it’s a 3 year-old’s perfectly sized bath tub apparently.

Kitchen Makeover Progress Beginnings | blesserhouse.com - How to installed an Ikea farmhouse (Domsjo) sink into an existing formica countertop.

Now that we can check this off of the to-do list (that first check mark always feels good), concrete countertops and backsplash are next. I’m saving painting the cabinets until all of the messy work is done to hopefully spare myself from any touch-ups, but that’s the part I’m most excited about.

So you think this one was worth the risk? Aren’t you glad we didn’t chicken out?

P.S. In case you’ve noticed I’ve been a little quieter around here on the blog and on social media for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on something super exciting for you guys. I’ve run into a few technical glitches, but I can’t wait to tell you about it very soon! Eep!


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  1. What a lovely sink! We are thinking of installing one like it and have an almost identical kitchen layout. I was curious as to the depth of your countertop in that island like area where the sink was installed. We would have about five or six inches left of countertop after the sink ; not enough for some one to eat directly behind it while sitting on a stool. Is that the case for you as well?

  2. I have been looking at your kitchen makeover and WOW, what an amazing job you have done! I am working on updating my kitchen too. One of the hardest things for me is keeping in mind that I am planning on selling my home in a year and not to go overboard. I want to update it and of course have it look great and function well, but don’t want to spend unneeded money that we won’t recoup in the resale. So, I am trying to decide on just replacing my current sink with the same stainless steel drop in, or to put in the sink you have. One question, when my hubby does dishes, water tends to find it’s way down the front kitchen cabinets and since I am in process of painting cabinets, I’m a little worried about that, with the Farmers Kitchen sink, does it protect the lower cabinets better from water? (So many questions I could ask about kitchen reno, but I will stick to one for now. 🙂 THANKS!

    1. Thanks, Kari! Yes, we LOVE our farmhouse sink. The water doesn’t spill over the front hardly at all and none of it ever gets on the cabinets. I read in an article recently that having a farmhouse sink is a big selling point. Not sure how accurate that is, but it’s good to know that might help pique the interest of potential buyers one day. It’s certainly more expensive than the stainless steel drop-in, but ours from Ikea really wasn’t unreasonable at all compared to all of the others we found that were easily $1,000. Yikes!

  3. You and your husband’s DIY projects rock! I love your blog and always look forward to seeing what you have done. I especially like the way you incorporate your treasures and memories into your home decor. Keep up the good work!

  4. Looks great! I have a white sink and my best advice is to put some rubber mat/inserts in the bottoms of each side to keep from scratching it with things that leave black marks (happens and you won’t realize it)…also, the best thing I’ve found to keep it sparkling white is Comet. It won’t scratch it. Have fun!

    1. Ooh good tip. Thanks, Colleen! Is yours cast iron or porcelain? One of the things that deterred me from getting a cast iron one was reading up on reviews about lots of scratching issues. Is porcelain any better about that you think?

  5. I love your sink! You can hear the joy and excitement in your words and am so excited for you! You’ll love your faucet, I have one too and it is great! Can’t wait to see your progress!

    1. Thanks, Beth! I’m crazy excited. Haha! Is it obvious? 😉 I’ve heard lots of great things about the faucet, so I’m glad to know you love it too.

    1. Thanks, sweet friend! Hope you have a great week too. 🙂 So sorry to hear about your son’s accident. Hope he feels better soon!

  6. I love it! I also love that little “Soap” box that is hiding behind the faucet. It is perfect for that spot.
    P.S. I love your new profile picture too. I know that is a genuine smile. Love you!

    1. Yeah! I meant to tell you! The slots are the perfect size for dish soap and hand soap and a little scrub brush, so I think that’s where I’m going to keep it. 🙂 Thanks, Mom. Love you too!

    1. Thanks girl! Major props to Robert for sure! And my father-in-law. I should devote a big post to him because he helps us so much when we’re feeling lost.

  7. Yay, so glad you guys are getting started. We are currently in the middle of a kitchen reno as well and we installed the same sink! I love love love it! I was there during the install and it took a lot of dry-fitting and removing and cutting some more, etc. I held my breath every time they took that bad boy out to put it back in the box but it was so worth it when it was finally in for good! 🙂

    1. Yay! It’s exciting and exhausting and terrifying all at the same time, isn’t it? It’ll all be worth it in the end. 🙂 Glad yours worked out! Hope the rest of it comes together well too.

  8. I have that sink, we redid our kitchen last year – and I LOVE IT!!! It’s awesome – so much space and super easy to keep clean. I have to remember to be a little more gentle tossing stuff into it, as glasses can chip more easily, but I really do love it! And at a fraction of the price of other farmhouse sinks, it was totally worth it! And it’s the thing that gets the most compliments in my new kitchen

    1. Yes! I have to remember that too. I could toss anything into my old one but I’m scared I won’t be thinking one day and will shatter my dishes. It’s amazing how much cheaper it is in comparison to all of the others out there. Glad you love yours too!

  9. What a luvly surprise to come home to!!!!
    We are also on the tail end of a kitchen Reno. It was a part of my birthday gift!!! So excited. New cabinet doors and drawer fronts. A bit on the rustic side in keeping with the farmhouse vibe we are going for. New appliances. woohoo!!! I can so share your excitement right now!! It has been a rocking 10 days in this house.
    My Mr. is due the amazing man award!!!

  10. I was only last weekend petting the very same sink and quietly falling in love 🙂 My kitchen is being fully replaced and moved within our floor plan in 18mths time, but when the time comes, I will be skipping into Ikea.!

    1. Haha! I did the same thing for a couple of years. Every time we took a trip to IKEA, I’d venture over to the sinks, and pet this one and say, “It’s okay. You don’t have to stay here forever. You’re coming home with me one day, and I’ll give you a good home.” 😉

  11. I have this sink and love it! I remember when I walked into the kitchen after it was installed and saw it for the first time, I was sooo excited! Almost 3 years later, I still get giddy when I wash dishes. The depth of those sink bowls make even dish washing a pleasure! Enjoy!!!

  12. I didn’t even think to check IKEA for a sink! It’s beautiful! We are in day 3 of finally painting our cabinets. We are doing that first since I have been waiting 3 years. And since the rest of the kitchen won’t get an upgrade till next year!

    1. Oh, Tara, this one is something like $500 cheaper than all of the other farmhouse sinks I’ve seen out there. Crazy! It’s amazing what painting cabinets can do for a kitchen. I’m so anxious to get to that step!

  13. Oh, man! That is so pretty!

    I have the same faucet. I hope you have better luck with it than I do, or if you find a fix for this, please let us know: the spray head constantly falls down, showing the sprayer hose within. My husband adjusts it, the next day, there it is flopping by the hose again.

    I can’t wait to see the finished kitchen!

    1. Uh oh! That stinks! Someone else told me you can contact Pfister and they’ll just send you a part to fix it if you still have your proof of purchase. Maybe worth a shot?

    2. We are about to embark on the same kitchen makeover. Should we do the concrete on the countertops before of after we put the farm sink in? We will have to cut into our countertop and cabinet like ya’ll did as well. Thanks!

      1. HI, Beth!! We installed the sink first. This worked well for us. Putting in the sink first helps to avoid having to cut into the concrete to create space for the sink.

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