Life Lessons and a Chair Part 2

In case you missed my post a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t had the best track record when it comes to projects lately. Sometimes I want to break down in tears when I hit a major flub-up. It’s frustrating when I have this vision in my head of the beautiful end result, but reality doesn’t go as planned. Robert had to point out to me yesterday that we’re newbies at this homeowner thing; no one is an expert in the beginning. (How did I get so lucky with such an understanding hubby?) So all of the projects that seem so simple on the surface, like installing a light fixture, DIYing a mirror, or fashioning a basic slipcover, take time to grasp. And I have to stop beating myself up.
It’s the moments when you learn to walk away and recalculate your mistakes that make you a better human being- be it DIY snaffoos or mistakes when proverbial bridges are burned. Thankfully, after taking a deep breath and having a glass of wine, I tackled the chair again, and it mostly turned out the way I had planned in the beginning.
For the letters, I just bought some wooden craft letters from Hobby Lobby, spray painted them gold, drew a straight edge on the chair, and attached them with Loctite. The letters aren’t entirely perfect, but the wood pieces weren’t completely straight. Still, I think it looks pretty darn good.
Now, if only we had an office already set up…add it to the long to-do list.

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  1. I second the previous comment! I’ve been following for probably a year or so… I just came to your furniture archives for some inspiration… furniture inspiration, but also, when I clicked back far enough, personal inspiration! I love to DIY and I love to blog. And while I could only dream of having a blog as beautiful and successful as yours one day, it’s so amazing to see how far you’ve come since you started! One thing has stayed true, though, and that’s your hilarious and open writing style.

    I say this every time I comment, but thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow! You’ve come a long way Lauren! I’ve been following your blog for the last year and thought it will be fun to check out how it all got started. I am amaze at your humble beginnings! I love what you do! I love that you share the mistakes that you make and the lessons you learn from them. Hard to believe that you’ll be moving on from your home that you put so much love into but I look forward to seeing more diy projects from you at your new home.

    1. Haha! Oh yes… a looooooooong way. I’ve thought about digging back into the archives to write a post just to show how truly humble the beginnings are. Haha! Thank you SO much for the love, Lilian!

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