Luxurious and Sentimental Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

22 Mother’s Day gifts full of sentimental meaning, luxurious pampering, and special treats for a bargain. 

Robert and I have a running joke that whenever a holiday is coming up when he has to shop for a gift for me, I just share a gift guide and he buys some of the things on it for me. Apparently having a blogger for a wife has its perks.

And since I was born on Mother’s Day, he especially has his work cut out for him this time of year.

So here ya go, babe. Here’s you’re shopping list for Mother’s Day. Get on it. Kidding. 😉  (Well, kinda. Haha!)

This year, I want nothing in the world more than a day of pampering. Because self-care is so important, especially when it’s so hard to come by when your babes are still little. And I’ll tell ya, motherhood has made me appreciate my mother and grandmother 1,000 times more than I already did.

I brainstormed and thought up every single sentimental, luxurious gift many moms would love and that wouldn’t break the bank account for under $50 each. I hope it helps if you’re feeling stumped! (Or if you have kids or a spouse who need the hint from a little birdie.)

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

Mother's Day Gifts Under $50 | - 22 Mother's Day gifts full of sentimental meaning, luxurious pampering, and special treats for a bargain. #mothersdaygifts #mothersdaygiftguide

(Some affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

1. House portrait watercolor – This idea is SO sweet, and it’s definitely one of my favorites. Send in a photo of your childhood home or your mom’s childhood home and get a piece of custom art. (It’s currently on sale for $33.00.)

2. Vintage style Bluetooth speaker – If your mom loves listening to music while she cooks or while she’s just hanging around the house, this is a fun one. And it’s like a piece of decor.

3. Sneakers – If your mom is a cardio queen, these are super comfy and cute.

4. Personalized handwritten recipe on a cutting board – If you have any handwritten recipes from your grandmother or ancestors, this will be treasured forever. Of check out how to preserve and frame handwritten recipes yourself here.

5. Embraced devotional – Perfect for mom to have a little “me” time to reflect, pray, and collect her thoughts.

6. Pure Grace perfume – This scent is clean, pretty and one of the bestsellers on the market for not a huge price tag if you want to pamper mom a bit.

7. Initial necklace – Put her kids’ initials on pendants for her to carry with her always. This one is on Amazon Prime so it’ll arrive within a day or two, if you’re on a time crunch.

8. Tea tree clay mask – A little spa experience in a jar. I love the tingly, refreshing feeling from this mask.

9. A picture frame – It seems so simple, but sometimes all a mom wants is an up-to-date picture of her babes. Have a quick photo shoot, print it at your local drug store, and place it in a frame. Simple, inexpensive, and meaningful. Double mat it (like this frame has) to make it look extra special.

10. Comfy pajamas – These feel like a dream! And they’re a nice little bit of luxury in contrast from paint splattered sweats and yoga pants.

11. Tea assortment – If your mom likes winding down with a cup of tea to relax, this sampler set is perfect.

12. Michael Kors wallet – Robert got a similar wallet for me several years ago, and I still love it. It’s nice having a designer perk every now and then, especially for under $50.


Mother's Day Gifts Under $50 | - 22 Mother's Day gifts full of sentimental meaning, luxurious pampering, and special treats for a bargain. #mothersdaygifts #mothersdaygiftguide

13. Carry-on luggage – If your mom has any big travel plans coming up, this one’s handy.

14. Vase with flowers – Even some simple flowers from the grocery store are special. Put them in a vase that fits in with her decor.

15. Makeup brush set – Getting a new brush set always feels so good.

16. Personalized silhouette portrait – Send in photos of mom’s little ones and get a piece of sentimental custom art in return. And it’s only $9!

17. Swimsuit cover-up – Because summer is right around the corner!

18. Statement earrings – These keep up with the big tassel earring trend without costing the designer price tag.

19. Marble essential oil diffuser – If your mom loves using oils, this diffuser is pretty but practical.

20. Personalized return address stamper – Makes sending mail a tad more fun.

21. French macaron gift set – These taste as good as they look and are something unique from your typical box of chocolates.

22. Bath bomb set – Good for 12 pampering sessions. Because one is really never enough when it comes to the mom gig.

And if you want some practically free ideas, these are always winners too:

  • Cook a special dinner for her
  • Deep clean the house
  • Wash and clean her car
  • Go do something fun together with her… anything!
  • Put together a photo album of special memories
  • Write a letter telling her how much she means to you

What others would you add to the list? Or what was the best Mother’s Day gift you ever received? As nice as all of the “stuff” is, there’s still nothing that compares to just good quality time together.

Hug your mama, y’all! My thoughts and prayers are with any of you who are missing yours this year.


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  1. The pyjama set would be the perfect gift for any mother on Mother’s Day! I always like to buy my Mother something practical, like PJs or something she will definitely use, like the Carry on luggage case. A lovely selection of items! xxx

  2. We may be birthday buddies? My birthday is May 10th, and I was born on Mother’s Day too! You know what I love especially? A paid babysitter, one night at a hotel, with my hubby giving me a full body massage! That’s my favourite gift. A little pricy, but so worth it since I always get ripped off either my birthday or Mother’s Day, lol!

    1. Yes! May 10th! That’s too funny! Yeah, I dream of just getting a babysitter, a hotel room for a night, ordering room service, and doing absolutely nothing. Haha! Thankfully, my husband always makes sure to give me two presents, one for birthday and one for Mother’s Day. And two weeks prior is our wedding anniversary, so he definitely has his work cut out for him this time of year.

  3. Thank you for the great suggestions! I will use a few of these. Happy Mother’s Day to you