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I gotta say, as much as I’ve enjoyed showing off our bathroom makeover, I’m so glad to be moving on to other neglected rooms in our house. One of them being our master bedroom that, sadly, still has builder primer walls. It’s as blank as it gets besides having a bed and ceiling fan in it. Thankfully, Nadeau Furniture came along to work with me and provide a pair of nightstands for our lonely space.
Still kind of blank though right? It’s okay. We’ll get there. (But how cool are our new nightstands?)
We were more concerned with getting the downstairs in order last year as that’s where we usually entertain. And even though we’re certainly not finished in the downstairs rooms either, we felt like we needed to at least furnish the rest of our bedroom. (No exaggeration. We had just our mattress on the floor last January as we saved up for our bed.)
A few months ago, I posted about the 3 Move In Mistakes I Made, and one of them was not measuring our room to ensure a king size bed would fit. We just assumed and were stuck with very limited solutions for nightstands.
They had to be tall enough for our big bed, but most we found were too wide or insanely out of our price range. The ones that were skinny enough were too short or looked completely dwarfed next to our gigantic bed. (And sorry, I’m keeping the bed because ours is amazingly comfy.)
So off to Nadeau we went!
I had visited Nadeau before and both times, I walked out in a trance. I’d probably come more often if I didn’t have a toddler wreaking havoc everywhere. So many amazing pieces and their prices are really good. (Coming from this thrift store junkie, that’s saying something).
This was the view when I walked into our Charlotte location. Helloooo gorgeous. I was tempted to get one of those child-sized industrial chairs for Olivia already.


This zinc topped trestle table at the front of the store was a stunner and already had a sold sign on it. The cane back chairs with it had a beautiful finish too.


And I loved the detail on the glass doors of this china cabinet.


Shopping in Nadeau is like walking through a museum or an art gallery. Every piece is so different, and it’s easy to forget what you’re looking for when you’re in awe over everything else. Their selection changes every week, so every time I come here is a new adventure.
This console table is definitely for someone more daring in the distressed look. I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat!


Hello, pretty patina!


While I practically had my tongue hanging out of my mouth looking at all the goodies, this was what Robert was doing behind me. I can’t take him anywhere. 😉

Before we found our current nightstands, these were a close second. These babies were hand crafted! And actually most of their items are. I’ll paint furniture all day to my heart’s content, but building something like that is incredible. And since not everyone is fully confident in their abilities to paint furniture, Nadeau is a great place to find handpainted pieces that are done beautifully.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably know by now that I love pieces that have stories to tell and are unique. And when I read the backstory behind how Nadeau got started, I loved it even more.


Nadeau started out by just word of mouth when the founder, Tom Nadeau, brought furniture he found during his travels home with him to the U.S.
The company still predominantly grows through word of mouth. I found out about my local store through a friend who raved about it.
I’m often checking in to my local Nadeau’s online photo gallery of their latest shipments, even if it is just to look.


What started out as a curating hobby for the founder has now turned into a full-blown business with 25 retail locations open to the public and over 4,000 one-of-a-kind furniture and home decor items.
Have you ever seen a buffet like this one?! It was just under $500. I’m sure I couldn’t find one this gorgeous on Craigslist for that.


My husband kept circling back to these wood and metal chairs. I really wish I had flipped that price tag around so I could remember how much they were because we might have been tempted to go back for them. Their prices rivaled how much I normally pay for furniture pieces in thrift stores and paint for making them over. Definitely would require less time and effort on my end if I just bought them here.

This floor pouf was already sold, but I thought it was cute.


I really liked the newspaper fabric and detail on this bench.
And I loved the detail work on the legs of this little table. Nadeau is known as “Furniture with a Soul”. I’d say it fits. There’s tons of personality in this place.


Then, after admiring the entire store for about an hour, we found these babies! The manager told me that the wood inserts on the drawers and doors were repurposed old signs. Both nightstands are a little bit different from each other.


So now they have a home in our now less empty master bedroom! And I finally don’t have to fumble around on the window sill there to find my glasses. I’m already half blind. That little game has been no fun.


I haven’t decided if I want to keep our current bedside lamps or switch them out for task lamps instead. (You like my mad Picmonkey skills there?)


What do you think? Current lamps or switch to task lamps? I’m glad they’re at least not sitting on the floor anymore. And I love that our nightstands make a unique statement in the room.
The drawer and door will make for good storage too. (Former English teachers have to have room for books beside the bed, ya know.)
If you’re wanting to know if a Nadeau is located in your area, you can find their full list of store locations on their website: Furniture with a Soul
Do you have a favorite from any you saw on my visit? It’s worth the trip.
This is a sponsored post in which I was provided product for sharing my experiences. I will always always provide my 100% honest opinion because friends don’t let friends make bad shopping decisions. Sponsored posts keep this little blog moving.
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    1. Thank you! We bought it Lowe’s about 4 years ago, but unfortunately, it’s been discontinued. It was made by Harbor Breeze, if that helps.

  1. I have to say that I like the task lamps better even though the lamps are pretty! I think you are amazingly talented! I love everything that you do!

    1. Thank you so much, Janice! I just switched out the table lamps for the task lamp and I’m loving them too. 🙂

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