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Office Progress – Industrial Shelving

A couple weeks ago, I went all mood board happy with our office makeover plans.

Me and mood boards…we’re tight these days. I’d feel completely overwhelmed in every room makeover without them. (I just shared my kitchen design plan earlier this week too if you missed it.)

And up until now, our home office looked like this:

Office Progress - Industrial Shelving | blesserhouse.com

After some rearranging and DIYing and styling, it now looks like this!

Office Progress - Industrial Shelving | blesserhouse.com

I’ll be sharing lots of details and sources and a helpful how-to on Remodelaholic in a couple of months, but I wanted to keep you guys in the loop in real time. (And also because I’m super duper impatient to show y’all.)

From Day 1 of moving into our house, I always hoped to make a space reminiscent of a vintage military office for Robert.

Office Progress - Industrial Shelving | blesserhouse.com

I still have tweaking to do like placing photos in frames and filling the flag case, but it’s definitely coming together with all of our thrifted and hand-me-down decor. Those painted books made a big difference in making it look not so hodgepodgey.

Office Progress - Industrial Shelving | blesserhouse.com

And the DIY “vintage” wall map worked out perfectly!

Office Progress - Industrial Shelving | blesserhouse.com

I’m still figuring out everything for the rest of the room, like rearranging the desk and decorating the other bare wall. Still waiting on the “light bulb moment”.

Office Progress - Industrial Shelving | blesserhouse.com

 The most important thing is Robert loves it, and he has the ultimate say for everything in here. (Which isn’t always the way things go in the rest of our house…oopsies.)

So far, here’s what we have left to do in here:

  • Frame windows with Craftsman trim
  • Add curtains or fabric roman shades (haven’t decided)
  • Install new light fixture
  • Hang wall decor
  • Add a rug

It’s certainly less farmhouse and more industrial in here all manly in its manliness.

Does it say “vintage military” to you? Or maybe “I am man, hear me grunt”? Either one works really.

UPDATE: If you want to check out the rest of the projects in our office, you can find all the links below:





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  1. Hey Lauren – love how the industrial shelving turned out in your husband’s home office, and even more so, love your shelf styling and decor, using military accents and memorabilia! My husband is currently in the Navy and I’d love to do something like this for him someday after he retires from the Navy. Thanks for the inspiration…..

    1. Thanks so much, Lanita! I’ll be sharing more details about tips for styling them on Remodelaholic soon. Thank you to you and your husband for your service and sacrifice! I had no idea you were a military wife.

  2. Just being lazy here… And wondering your source for the industrial shelving? Looks fantastic BTW.

    1. Haha! No worries. I’ll be sharing more about the source on Remodelaholic soon. But they’re originally from Home Depot.

  3. Dear Lauren , I follow you along from Spain , and I love your ability to create wonderful spaces with thrifty items and on a budget… This industrial style is not my favorite but I love to see how you indredibly has created it… Congrats

    1. Wow! Spain? The industrial look certainly isn’t for everyone, but that’s the beauty of personal style. We’re all different. 🙂 Thanks for the love, Victoria!

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