On the Bright Side

After wrestling with not one, not two, but three fixtures, Robert and I finally are happy with Olivia’s bedroom light. It was a comedy of errors that included 1 stubborn ceiling fan that I didn’t really like in the first place, 1 Ikea Maskros light that I bought on Craigslist for $20 and in my excitement of finding the deal silly me didn’t realize that the thing was ginormous (and we hit our head on it constantly because it was so huge), and finally the Maskros that was juuuust right. Better late than never.
It is so cute and the best part is the dandelion spray patterns that it makes on the ceiling.
Olivia adores it already. She had to check it out after Robert installed it.
Then somehow, after installing her light, since all three of us were having a bit of fun and I happened to have my camera in tow, our lazy Saturday afternoon of tying up the loose ends of home improvement projects around the house turned into a mini daddy and me photo session.
I’ve never seen a man more wrapped around his daughter’s little finger than my sweet hubby. 🙂  (Except maybe perhaps my own daddy when I was little.)
It’s little moments like these when I watch these two together and I thank God for all He has given me.
But don’t let these sweet shots fool you, this last one just proves the craziness that is our family.
After seeing these pictures Robert exclaimed “Dang! Those are some white walls. We really need to paint.” Yep. My thoughts exactly. Someone get some pink up in this place!

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