One Simple Decor Trick to Bring a Room to Life

Call this part three of the Bless’er House Confessions (ya know…besides admitting to a bookworm life and America’s Next Top Model binge days), but seasonal decorating isn’t my thing.

I get completely giddy decorating a room when planning fabrics and paint colors, but decorating for every change in the weather? Ain’t happenin’.
One Simple Decor Trick to Bring a Room to Life | Bless'er House - Makes such a difference!

At Christmas, we go crazy festive with it, but with all of the other holidays and seasons, I’m not big on using lots of bunnies around the house at Easter or beachy coastal themes during the summer. I love seeing it done, but I can never keep up.

So when I decorated our dining room for summer over the weekend, I made it a one and done deal. No seasonal theme, just simple that could easily transition year-round.

Summer French Rustic Dining Room | Bless'er House

Up until this point, our dining room was looking a little bland. I love me some neutrals, but there’s always that fine line between calm and inviting or just boring vanilla.

Whenever you feel like a space in your house needs a perk, put greenery anywhere you can. Lots of it. And poof! A room comes to life.

Summer French Rustic Dining Room | Bless'er House

Lots of green leaves paired with rough, reclaimed wood makes a space feel like home in my book.

A sweet friend of ours gave us these old wooden shutters recently that were just lying around in her garage. Aren’t they beautiful?

Summer French Rustic Dining Room | Bless'er House

I’ve come to terms with the fact around here that I can only keep one thing alive in this house, either our child or the plants. We’re pretty fond of our silly kid, so the plants have no hope at all.

I love using dried greenery every chance I get because thankfully, I can’t kill them.

Summer French Rustic Dining Room | Bless'er House

That dried eucalyptus wreath I found at Target gives those wooden shutters the punch of color they need.

Summer French Rustic Dining Room | Bless'er House

I picked up those three faux plants from Ikea that are chilling out in my repurposed shelf turned vintage crate.

Summer French Rustic Dining Room | Bless'er House

And that little dried boxwood was a Marshall’s find over a year ago. I want 5 more of those little guys because it shows up everywhere in our house. That basket is well traveled.

Summer French Rustic Dining Room | Bless'er House

Without all of that green going on, the rope chandelier, dining chairs, and buffet cabinet look a bit lonely.

Summer French Rustic Dining Room | Bless'er House

We still have so much more we want to do to this little room, and Robert and I still talk about switching up the space entirely to make it more kid-friendly. We’ll see. But for now, I love having this fresh set up for summer.

Summer French Rustic Dining Room | Bless'er House

If you have a room that’s feeling lifeless, find a few plants to give it some oomph. You’ll be amazed. Really.

And if you have a black thumb like me, I feel your pain.

Okay okay, Confession Part 4, my herb garden that I posted two weeks ago is already close to being dead. But hey, our two year-old is alive and happy. #winning

Are you a seasonal decorator? Or a simple year-round gal like me? Or maybe a #winning parent with dead plants?



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  1. I once could not keep a houseplant alive. I finally googled a list of houseplants that clean the air and went looking for which ones were easy to keep alive. I now have five that I’ve kept alive over a year. They each need watering just once a week. That I can remember! 🙂 And the three kids are still alive also.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I need to look into that. Good to know your kids are still alive. Five plants and three kids? You’re Wonder Woman. 😉

  2. Hey Lauren,
    Love, love, love the old shutters and how you used them in your dining room! They made a huge statement in your decor, with the greenery. I’m a seasonal decorator, somewhat…not like bunnies, chicks & ghosts, but more so using colors and natural elements, as well as things I already have on hand. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Lanita! I know exactly what you mean. I love using the natural elements of the seasons but never am drawn to the figurines and store-bought stuff as much. I’d rather just walk around with gardening sheers, bring my clippings inside, and call it a day. 🙂

  3. I love those shutters and all the greens Lauren! I’m the same…I need me some everywhere…not a beachy decorator. I can do a bunny, but get me some topiaries and I am a happy lady!