Painted Master Bathroom Refresh Update

If you’ve been following along for a while, you probably already know that when we latch onto a project, we pretty much beat the topic to death.

Robert and I made major headway in the master bathroom refresh this week, and because I’m basically a kid on Christmas morning when it comes to sharing any kind of DIY progress, I’m showing off the fruits of our labor so far.

Remember the before with the green walls?

Buh bye.

This space looks super boring now that the walls are painted a very simple Benjamin Moore White Dove. Or at least “calming” is maybe the better word. Soothing? Tranquil? If that’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

I promise it won’t be looking this plain for long though because a couple of days ago, I went to town on that wooden vanity to paint it a deep teal blue. (If you want some great cabinet painting tips, here are all of the materials and steps I use… not our first rodeo around here.)

I wish I could tell you the color, but since we bought this ready made linen cabinet from Home Depot, I just took a shelf from it and had Sherwin Williams color match it for me.

Here’s a quick shot of the label though, if you’d like to have the color formula mixed for yourself:

Robert got in here with one of his buddies to remove the old mirror and busted light fixture from the wall. And I patched up the wall while the girls were at school.

The color looks brighter in the direct sunlight than it does later in the day when it looks like this deep teal on the cabinets in our mood board plan:

I am so excited to see how it all looks once the new wooden arched mirrors, wall sconce, and vanity pulls are put in place.

Robert managed to paint the trim Benjamin Moore Simply White for me too so that it is now a crisp white to flow with the rest of the house.

I’m hoping to paint the door the same dark charcoal Ben Moore Wrought Iron as the other doors in the house too.

And as for the window, the old yellowed blinds have been banished, and the natural woven shade will be arriving today.

Yesterday, the vinyl floor arrived too, and it is GORGEOUS! I never thought I’d say that about a vinyl floor. Probably over the weekend Robert and I will trade off to install it between Regan’s naps because that’s how we roll around here lately.

And since so many of y’all voiced concerns about stenciling the walls alongside the busy hexagon floors in my last post, I think I’ve come up with a Plan B for this corner in the way of wall decor that I think is going to be much better. (Truthfully, I’m glad to nix the stenciling idea because that job is always a total pain in the tookus.)

For this corner, I keep going back to this corner gallery inspiration but maybe on a smaller scale and in silver/black frames to work alongside the bathroom’s existing brushed nickel fixtures:

Source: Birkley Lane Interiors

But maybe filling them with some art that will tie in the moody teal from the rest of the room? I’m still circling around the idea, but I think this is proof I have a gallery wall addiction and I’m not afraid who knows it.

That’s where we are so far though. I’ll try to hop onto Instagram Stories in the next day or two to update y’all about all of the progress as we check off the to-do list.

Are you loving how it’s shaping up so far? I’m SO excited about this one! (Well, to be fair, I’m always excited about every makeover. 😉 )

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  1. Love reading your blog and seeing your post. Where did you get your woven blinds from? Also I am thinks about painting my bathroom cabinets. The doors have the exposed hinges. And I want to change them have you done this before?

    1. Angie, thank you. The blinds are from blinds.com. They do not offer the ability to add a link for purchasing but we have not been disappointed. We have their blinds all through our house.

  2. Love the blue, love the white walls, can’t wait to see that gorgeous vinyl on the floor. Oh, and the wooden arched mirrors? Be still my heart! 🙂

  3. Will you be putting a dark glaze on your lovely new vanity color to match it up with the HD painted one?
    Looks like it has it to me on my monitor – kinda mades the edges and corners pop. Just wondering.

    Your bathroom is going to look fabulous.

    1. The top of the counter will stay the same for now. Thank you for following and we are so excited to get this project completed.

  4. We have that vinyl floor and LOVE it! So many people are fooled by it. In our house, we have it in three bathrooms and the mudroom, and we put it there “temporarily” until we have funds to put down tile – it’s been three years at this point, and it’s holding up great. Definitely make sure you fully glue it down though (we did just the edges because “temporary” and we got some ripples/bubbles when the weather changes and the vinyl relaxes). Good luck!