Project: DIY Initial Wreath

So I don’t know about everyone else, but I have an obsession with monogrammed decor. After drooling over so many beautiful wreaths on Etsy, I thought I would try my hand at making one myself. It took some “editing” over the course of a day or two, but I love the results!
If you have about 30-45 minutes to spare, and can swing a quick trip to the craft store, this is a really fun project. Depending on craft store prices, you can make one of these babies for around $35. Others I’ve seen of this type cost approximately $80-90 in boutiques.
 Here’s what you’ll need.
Supply List
1 medium-sized grapevine wreath (if you’re feeling really crafty you could DIY this from wild grapevine.)
5 silk or burlap flowers
Floral wire
Wire cuttersScissors

Jute cord or twine
Burlap ribbon
1 wooden letter (Hobby Lobby and Michael’s usually has all sorts of fonts/sizes)
Krylon Gloss Dove White spray paint (or any color you choose)
Hot glue / hot glue gun

First, I spray painted the wooden letter with 1 coat of the Krylon spray. I left it at 1 coat because it gave it a nice weathered look with the black showing at the edges, but you can do another coat if you wish for a more finished, polished look.

While the wooden letter dried, I cut the flower heads off of the stems using the wire cutters and leaving about 2 inches of stem still attached to the flower head.
After all of the flowers are cut off of the long stems, insert the 2 inch stem of the flower heads through the grapevine on the wreath.
Flip the wreath face-down and secure flower stems with florist wire. Be sure it is wound tightly around the stems as well as woven through the vines. Pull tight and twist the wire to finish attaching.
Ta da! Now for the bow.
Measure out approximately 24 inches of burlap ribbon and cut 2 pieces of the same length.
Set aside the first piece of burlap ribbon and fold over the ends of the other so they meet in the middle.
Pinch the folded over ribbon in the middle and twist with florist wire to secure.
Next, cut the second length of ribbon in half length-wise. Find the middle of the ribbon you just cut and secure it to the first “pinched” piece with florist wire as well. Push another piece of florist wire measuring about 12 inches through the back of the ribbon. Make the “knot” of the bow with a small piece of burlap ribbon by wrapping it around the pinched part and hot glue ends to hold in place.
Flip the wreath over and push florist wire from the back of the bow through the grapevine beside the flower cluster. Twist and secure around several vines to keep from blowing away in windy weather.
Wrap a few lengths of jute cord or twine around the exposed part of the wreath between the ribbon and the flower cluster. Tie the cord/twine tightly to secure.
When wooden letter is dry, tightly tie a few lengths around the letter to secure to the wreath.
Voila! Your neighbors will be jealous of your front door. 🙂

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  1. I will be making this! I need a wreath on my front door, but with our screen door it’s hard to fit one there. But they are such a stable to any front door and I just love these! May be my “spring” project!

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