Our House Project To-Do List for 2021 & Reader Survey

YES for ALL the house goals for 2021!!!

I might be over here pouring a third cup of coffee as I write this post because I am SO GEARED UP for tackling a bunch of our highly anticipated projects this year.

But first… I want to know: What do you want to see here on this blog this year? Will you pretty please take our reader survey here to let us know? Ultimately, I always want to help you more than anything.

After looking over our house goals for 2020, I kind of chuckled because no one could have seen a pandemic coming to veer our plans. But really, COVID considered, we did pretty darn well and hope to pick up some of the ones we didn’t get to soon. Completing our home office, landscaping, bedroom closets, and pool deck was no easy feat.

Robert and I chatted a lot about what projects we want to do and when this year. Here’s what we’ve been envisioning…

Our House Project To-Do List for 2021

1. Playhouse

Ever since we finished the fire pit, we’ve been chomping at the bit to build a playhouse / play area for the girls. I absolutely love The Handmade Home’s playhouse they made for their kids, so we plan on adapting their plans a bit in our backyard. Wouldn’t a playhouse be so sweet in that little area beside the fire pit?

2. Fence

We’ve wanted to replace the old backyard fence ever since we moved into this house. After taking on the pool renovation the last couple of summers, we finally feel like we’re in a good place to do it.

3. Olivia’s Room Refresh

This one seems out of left field, but Olivia has been asking for several months if she can have a ceiling fan (can’t blame ya, kid), so we’re planning to replace her canopy bed with one that will work better for a fan and take on a little organizing in there while we’re at it. Nothing major, just a little furniture swapping. Here’s the original makeover we did a few years ago.

4. Regan’s Room Refresh

Our baby is going to be THREE this year! HOW?!! So while we transition her to a “big girl bed”, we’ll probably do a few fun changes. I painted her nursery white knowing one day, we’d get to know her little personality to do something more bold. The time has come.

5. Workshop Shed

Since we live “in town”, we have some hoops to jump through for building a shed in our backyard, but we definitely need one. This one the DIY Huntress did is SO good.

6. New Living Room Furniture

We’ve been needing extra seating in our living room for quite some time. Our sofa has flared up some problems in Robert’s back (prior military injuries), and after 4 years, I’m ready for a change from our IKEA chairs. If you have a favorite sofa recommendation, send it my way! I’m researching like crazy over here.

7. Garage Makeover

We have been DREAMING of an amazing garage renovation for years! Even just paint and rebuilding the old shelves would make a world of difference to brighten this place up. But we hope to do way more than that. Having our planned shed will help compartmentalize all of our tools too.

But at least the outside got a little extra love last year, so we’re fooling our neighbors that we have it all together. 😉

8. Office Murphy Bed

I don’t know if I’m being overly optimistic for space here, but we often host lots of family and friends on weekends and holidays. So we hope to add a murphy bed in the office for extra sleeping space for guests. This DIY murphy bed from Brepurposed is soooo cool.

9. Back Porch Fireplace

This cubby used to hold a mini fridge, but we have dreams to build it into an outdoor electric fireplace to warm up our back porch in the chilly months. If we take on the garage makeover (the garage shelves sit behind that cubby), it’ll be easily accessible so that we can put in an electric fire box. We’ll see. Eek!

10. Master Bathroom Remodel

We might be dreaming too big here, but we really hope to start on our real master bathroom renovation. We’ve done a couple of refreshes on it here and there, but we’re talking a full gut job to take advantage of every square inch possible. That 80s beige countertop is going buh-bye.

11. Makeovers for Others!

We already have big project plans in the works for a deserving family next month, and I’m DYING to show y’all! Our biggest goal of all is to keep doing makeovers for others as much as possible. We had so much fun doing makeovers for this powder room, this living room, and this bedroom so far.

We’re not at the point of opening design services for people just yet (believe me, we really want to), but I know we’ll get there when the time is right.

So that’s the “plan” or really the “dream”. We’re crossing our fingers and toes over here that every single box gets checked by December 2021, and we’re SO hopeful. Because if these projects get tied up this year, we’re looking at a crazy massive home renovation in 2022 (I see you over there, kitchen).

If you missed it at the beginning of this post, you can take our reader survey here and be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card as a thank you.

Do you have any big project plans of your own this year?

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  1. Can’t wait for you to start! Life in 2020 was just too stagnant so a few good makeovers is what I want to see. As for living room furniture, my only suggestion would be to ask about how it is constructed. Meaning is it eight-way tied, solid wood, how many double-rubs is the fabric and definitely no sleeper sofa. The better a sofa is made the longer it will stay comfortable and last. Many “economical” furniture may look nice but if it’s made with pine and chicken wire and cheap foam it will not last for very long. And with a sleeper sofa you have the potential to sit on the bed frame with only the cushion to soften it. We had to give up a beautiful leather set because of my bad back. Just a couple things to think about.

  2. Love the projects! We recently built a house on our kid’s 20 acres. Right in the middle of the pasture! Needless to say we have lots of outdoor work to do. We’ve already built 10 raised beds for the garden And we planted 30-40 trees. (I lost count). Ha.

    We were fortunate to find a 100plus year old brick building being torn down. We scored the bricks and they are sitting on pallets just waiting for our new patio. That’s a major project for us “senior citizens “. Can’t wait!

  3. Wow! What a list! I recommend Smith Brother’s Furniture for couches and chairs. We have two of their couches and two chairs. Great quality! They are a family company in the midwest.

  4. Hi Lauren – this may be something that you already have thought of regarding Murphy beds but since the bed part doesn’t touch the wall because it has to clear the floor (obviously) there’s a good sized gap where your pillows slide down in the middle of the night leaving you with a crink in your neck the next morning. I know from experience.

    Earlier this year when working from home became mostly permanent for a good friend, she put an armoire-style Murphy bed in her guest room so she could make that room her office. My husband and I test slept the bed for her and the pillow thing didn’t bother him as much since he’s a stomach sleeper who hugs his pillow but I’m a side sleeper and it felt like I was pulling my pillow out of that gap every 5 minutes. It did not make for a good sleep. My suggestion to her was to put a bunch of boxes in the gap since she’s in a condo and has no storage but you could build almost like a little bench to fit in the gap since you have storage for when you don’t have guests.

    My dad built a playhouse for my sister and I when we were little and it was the best thing ever. In the summer when I had friends over we used to sleep in it and we spent hours playing there. It was fantastic. I grew up in the country and now it’s the home of the barn cats (and the occasional skunk family).