Revamping the Breakfast Area

When we first moved into this house, I experienced an identity crisis. Since the time Robert and I got married and moved into our first apartment together, my go-to color was red.
I have no idea why. Red doesn’t express my personality at all. I think of red and I think loud, vibrant, extroverted, and while those are all great qualities and I have nothing against other people decorating with red, it’s not me.
I was the quiet girl in school. I’m still the patient, usually calm introvert who overthinks everything…sometimes to a fault. But I didn’t consider that when we moved into our house. I just picked red because well…I knew several people who already decorated with red and I thought it was the thing to do.
But one of the biggest things I’ve learned in decorating our house is making it an expression of our family, not just because it seems like the thing to do. Maybe the whole finding your style topic is for another post, but you get the idea.
We really don’t have red anywhere else in our house. Our breakfast area is really a part of our kitchen but opens up to our very calm, neutral living room. The red is fun but it doesn’t really make sense. There is no flow and it bugs me constantly. (Remember how I said I overthink things? Exhibit A, my friend.)


So I’m at it again trying to figure this thing out without spending much. I still love our clock gallery wall, so I’ll just be painting any of the pieces with red accents and putting them back up. (Do you think I’m crazy, yet?)
I’ll be selling our curtains for some that will brighten up the space. I’m really leaning toward simple white ones, classic and clean lines.


Since painting our shower door, I’ve latched onto the idea of creating contrast throughout the rest of our house. Painting our back doors black could really bring them to life. I’ve even thought about adding some grids like I did on our shower door to make them look more upscale.
So much drama, right? I love how it can work for modern or traditional decor because I like to throw both in the mix sometimes.
The more I look at black doors, the more I love them. I’m not 100% positive that I’m going to do it, but it’s a possibility.
I still have a good bit of various shades of blue paint leftover from painting other projects to bring in more of the color I want on our kitchen chairs- anything from blue slate tones to light duck egg blue. How’s that for specificity, huh?


Doesn’t blue seem more the quiet girl type to you? It’s always been my favorite color. Seems like a totally “duh” moment to realize I should have been decorating with blue from the beginning.
Since blue/greens are already accented in our living room, I’m hoping using a little of it in our breakfast area will make both spaces more cohesive.
If I play my cards right, I won’t have to pay more than around $30. Gotta love using leftovers and selling what you already have. We’ll see what happens.
Are you liking the vision so far? Have you had a decorating identity crisis before too? Do you think I’ve totally lost my mind for changing it from the red? I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think I should choose. 🙂
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  1. I just read your post about finding your style, SO NEEDED! I am kind of all over the place. We are now moving from Florida where everything is beach themed that we own, back to Pennsylvania. Do you think it would be bad to do our sun room in the basement and the laundry room (also in the basement) with our beachier decor? Or should I just get rid of it and forget the beach life!

    1. So glad it helped, Hailey! I think keeping some of the beachier decor in those two rooms is a great idea! It’s still a part of your past and a piece of who you are. I say if you love it, embrace it. 🙂

  2. I love what you did for your buffet. As I live in an apartment and storage is at a premium I, too, want a buffet (with doors), for my dining area. I still haven’t found the right piece/s for this yet. I have chosen my Valspar color, color being the operative word. Apartments have the most boring beige (carpets/walls). I haven’t decided on the stain color for the top. You have given me inspiration, thank you.

    1. Thanks, Janet! I remember the apartment days too, and they were tricky. We have beige carpet too, and I’m always wishing we could replace it with wood floors. But doesn’t look to be in our plans any time soon. I guess we should all just appreciate a roof over our heads. I have to tell myself that anytime I start wishing for upgrades. So glad my little project could inspire you. 🙂

  3. I have always been drawn to blues and I realized a few years ago that I had no blue in my house at all. I now have a little blue in almost every room. It makes me happy to see it every day.

    1. It’s funny how that happens, right? You’d think it would have been common sense to me too. Hmm…my favorite color is blue but oh heck, I’ll just throw red everywhere. Haha Blue makes me happy too. So calming. 🙂

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