Spring 2015 Project Recap

Can y’all even believe it’s June? I know a year ago, when I was wrapping up 5 years of teaching to begin the stay-at-home-mom life, the spring season seemed to creep along at a snail’s pace. This year, it has flown!

I have a tendency to get impatient and think we’re not making any progress in our house until I compile one of these recaps and realize just how much Robert and I accomplish over the course of three months. It amazes me every time! Spring 2015 Project Recap | Bless'er House

So if you’re a newbie to this little blog of mine or missed out on some of our DIY adventures, I hope you’ll enjoy taking a short trip through this spring’s posts.

Master Bedroom Updates and Nadeau Furniture Browsing-

We haven’t shown much of our master bedroom because it’s probably one of the most neglected rooms in the house. I have big plans for this space that I hope will happen one day, but we had so much fun picking out furniture in the meantime.

nadeau-rustic-furniture (18 of 20)

DIY Industrial Factory Window Shower Door-

I finally got to spill the beans on Remodelaholic for the full tutorial on how I created a factory window shower look in our master bathroom makeover. It is by far one of my favorite projects ever ever ever!


Bless’er House FAQs-

I shared all kinds of answers to frequently asked questions from paint colors and decor sources to blogging tips.


How to Make Chalkboard Hand Lettering the Easy Way-

I made a little confession- I’m the world’s worst sketch artist. But I shared a little trick that makes hand lettering possible for even the most artistically challenged like me.

How to Make Chalkboard Hand Lettering


One Dashing Runner-

I shared a little addition to our foyer along with plans I’ve been envisioning lately for some changes to the space.


dash-and-albert-striped-runner-rug (1 of 4)

Distressed Duck Egg Dining Chairs Makeover-

I gave our kitchen chairs a quick change with one of my favorite chalk paint colors. If you’ve ever wanted to attempt chalk paint for yourself, this post is a great beginner’s guide.

duck-egg-blue-distressed-dining-chairs (13 of 14)

Clock Wall Color Switch & How to DIY Aged Metal-

I changed our entire clock gallery wall with just a little paint. Our metal wall letters got a faux aged metal finish too.

aged-metal-clock-key-gallery-wall (6 of 10)

1 Rustic Industrial Breakfast Room 2 Ways-

Our breakfast room got a whole new look with the use of leftover paint and selling old curtains for new ones. The end result is much more “us”.

rustic-industrial-breakfast-room (2 of 15)

Better Than Planned-

This post was a little of my testimony since I’ve embarked on this blogging journey. They were words I’d had on my heart for quite a while.

spring-portraits (20 of 29)

8 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Paint Color-

Choosing paint colors is always tricky for me, and I’ve made plenty of mistakes. But these 8 steps have proven to me to be the no-fail way of finding the perfect one. We made progress in Olivia’s bedroom makeover too.

choosing-the-right-neutral-paint-color (2 of 2)

Media Stand to Buffet Table Makeover-

Our dining room got a subtle punch of color with a media stand turned buffet table I found on Craigslist.

blue-dining-room-buffet (6 of 11)

No Sew Appliqued Ballerina Pillow-

This RH Baby and Child KnockOff was so much easier than I thought it would be and added a sweet little extra something to Olivia’s bedding.

No Sew Appliqued Ballerina Pillow Restoration Hardware

DIY Ballet Barre and How to Hang a Heavy Mirror-

Hanging a heavy mirror between studs can be tricky, but we figured out how to do it safely. And Olivia’s ballet barre is the perfect addition to her bedroom that my former 3 year-old self would have been ga-ga over.

DIY Ballet Barre and How to Hang a Heavy Mirror (14 of 16)

DIY Oversized Sheet Music Sign-

After this DIY, I want to make about 5 more with poems, oversized book pages, portraits, illustrations, scriptures, and all kinds of possibilities.

DIY Oversized Sheet Music Wooden Sign

Top 10 Favorite Modern Farmhouse Blogs-

I have a little crush on these 10 favorite blogs of mine. Beware: This post has endless house eye candy.

Top 10 Favorite Modern Farmhouse Blog Home Tours

Thrifty $30 Spring to Summer Tablescape-

To celebrate my and Robert’s wedding anniversary and my birthday, I gave our table a thrifty tablescape that almost makes me wish I could re-do our wedding decor.

Thrifty Spring to Summer Tablescape (25 of 27)

Framed Children’s Decor + Little Girl Room Wall Decor-

More changes happened in Olivia’s bedroom makeover with an easy way to declutter closets and showcase a few keepsakes.

Little Girl Bedroom Wall Decor (6 of 12)

10 Must-Have Craft Supplies for Endless Money Saving Projects-

This post is chock-full of all sorts of ideas for ways to DIY without spending much money at all.

10 Must-Have Craft Supplies for Endless Money Saving Projects

Chippy White Lime Finished Coffee Table Makeover-

A scuffed up thrift store coffee table got a whole new cottage style with milk paint and liming wax.

Chippy White Lime Finished Coffee Table Makeover (1 of 9)

3 Little Words We Say Too Often-

I’d been so guilty of this for so long (and quite honestly still am). I had to take a second to keep life in perspective.

3 Little Words We Say Too Often

Freshened Up Spring Porch-

Our porch needed some lovin’, and thankfully Balsam Hill came along to help out. Our house is so much more inviting now.

Freshened Up Spring Porch Balsam Hill

Aged Metallic Decoupaged Nightstand-

A little table with a special past got a new look for Olivia’s bedroom makeover.

Aged Metallic Nightstand (3 of 7)

DIY Birdcage Lamp-

An old wedding centerpiece of ours got a quick change to make an easy 5 minute lamp. One cartoon character was harmed in the making of this project.

DIY Birdcage Lamp

Beachy French Console Table Makeover-

A sad looking yard sale table got a new life with a dose of Annie Sloan Duck Egg and a little distressing.

Beachy Console Table Makeover (1 of 11)

DIY Silhouette Art and Repurposed Ceiling Medallion Frames-

A cheap Goodwill find, a simple computer trick, and a free printable can go a long way.

DIY Silhouette Art and Repurposed Ceiling Medallion Frames

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Blog-

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to start a blog, I shared everything I wish I’d known when starting mine.

Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Starting a Blog

DIY Locker Basket Mail Organizer-

I shared the full tutorial of our mail organizer on Remodelaholic using a couple of Walmart cabinet baskets and scrap wood.

DIY Locker Basket Mail Organizer

Hanging a Steal of a Chandelier-

Olivia’s bedroom got a sweet new addition with an awesome deal I found for a chandelier.

Little Girl Bedroom Chandelier (15 of 15)

Gilded Silver Vanity Makeover-

Olivia’s consignment play vanity got a glamorous style as I tried out metallic powder and chalky paint powder from Vintage Storehouse Restoration Co.

Silver Gilded Play Vanity


DIY Dress Up Rack from a Repurposed Bassinet Cradle-

A $3 yard sale find got a new purpose thanks to a little imagination.

DIY Dress Up Rack (5 of 6)



Staying “You” With Decorating Trends-

Sometimes I like to get in touch with reality, and this post was one of them.

Staying "You" With Decorating Trends

DIY Rustic Arrow Growth Chart- 

This project was a long time coming (we’re talking 2.5 years). I also showed off a never-before-seen part of our house.

Rustic Arrow Growth Chart



12 Goodwill Shopping Secrets Revealed-

Scoring great finds at Goodwill isn’t always a matter of luck. These 12 tricks have helped me so much that I had to share.

12 Goodwill Shopping Secrets Revealed



Repurposed Shelf Herb Garden Box-

To kick off summer, I teamed up with 17 talented bloggers for the third annual Summer Celebration. An old dusty shelf got a whole new purpose on our kitchen table.

Repurposed Shelf Herb Garden Box

Whew! I feel a much needed break coming on after everything we’ve accomplished lately.

I hope you found some new inspirations along the way. Thank you so much for stopping in to check on our DIY journey. It always means so much to me to have you here.



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  1. Lauren, you sure have been busy! Were you a little amazed with yourself when you compiled everything and saw how many awesome things you’ve done in the last few months?! You should be! I couldn’t help but connect with your comment about where you were in life last spring. After wearing the literacy teacher hat for 9 years, I’m trading it in for a full time mommy hat for next year for a one year leave, and letting God take it from there. I’m so glad you know you’ve found your place in the here and now. Keep rocking those inspiring projects! 🙂

    1. I was definitely amazed once I put it all together. Congrats on making the switch from teaching! There are days I miss it, but I always say there are thousands of qualified teachers who could teach my students, but my daughter can only have one mom. It’s such a fleeting time in these young years. Hope you’re enjoying it! And thanks so much for the love, Jenny. 🙂

  2. Oh my word, you have been busy!! I especially love your blue buffet. And we have Gray Owl mixed at 50% throughout much of our home, it’s such a great color! I’ve learned the hard way over the years to figure out what paint colors I really want to live with. I had painted the inside of my first home so many times that a friend told me I was losing square footage. She was probably right!

    1. Thanks, Ann! I love that blue buffet too. And it’s ginormous! We chose Gray Owl for my daughter’s room and really love it. I know exactly what you mean about the trial and error with paint. It’s tricky business! There’s definitely a learning curve. I’m still not a huge fan of the paint color in the downstairs of our house, but I learned a good lesson at least. I guess we all have to go through it at some point. 🙂

    1. It’s from Lowe’s. It’s called Angora by Harbor Breeze. I never saw it in store, but it’s on their website.