Staying “You” With Decorating Trends

I was skimming around Pinterest last Saturday morning, doing my usual lazy maybe-I’ll-be-productive-today-but-maybe-not inner dialogue, and I came across an article “11 Home Decor Trends You’ll Be Pinning This Spring.”

Staying You With Decorating Trends | Bless'er House I got all excited and clicked it to see what we could all look forward to with a few new trends this year. And y’all, by the end of this article, I found myself second guessing every decorating decision I ever made. (Sound familiar? Does this happen to you?)

As I was clicking around the article, the first trend was…

1. Oversized art is in. Gallery walls are out.

What?! I have two gallery walls in my house that I love! How can I bring myself to take those down and replace them with bigger, statement-making art?

Staying You With Decorating Trends | Bless'er House

2. Then it was open kitchen shelving is in. Kitchen cabinets are out.

I mean, I’m not in love with my kitchen, but it is a beast when it comes to storage!

I’m one of those who can’t part ways with her cabinets. Maybe a few glass front cabinets would be nice, but open shelves? The one little French drying rack of coffee cups we have on our counter gets dusty and cooking splatters on the dishes all the time. I’ll dream over open white kitchens all day, but I can’t deny the practicality of cabinets.

Staying You With Decorating Trends | Bless'er House

3. Then it was accent walls are out, accent trim is in.

Staying You With Decorating Trends | Bless'er House

I guess my accent white shiplap wall behind our bed for our master bedroom would have to be nixxed from the plan.

Staying You With Decorating Trends | Bless'er House

By the time I got to the point in the article that said black chalkboard paint is out and colored chalkboard paint is in, I frowned at my black kitchen chalkboard and closed my laptop. That chalkboard rocks! And suddenly something I enjoyed so much in my house seemed ugly all of sudden.

Then I realized something.

Who do I really have to please in my house? Trendy designers? Or myself?

Staying You With Decorating Trends | Bless'er House

So you know what my whole take on this “staying with the trends” biz is?

Don’t even worry your pretty little head about it.

Because really, by the time I got my house “on trend”, those trends would change again.

Decorate your home the way it works for you and your family. And who cares if someone walks into your house and says, “Ugh. That’s so 2010.” Who needs that kind of negativity in their lives? (Thankfully, I have some rockin’ friends who would never say that.)

Staying You With Decorating Trends | Bless'er House

Hang something on your walls because it speaks to you.

Decorate with a fabric, trendy or not, because it is an expression of your personality.

Have features in your home that are practical, first and foremost. What’s good design without function?

Love where you live, and it will love you right back. Trends will come and go, but the comfort you create in your house for your family should always last.

If you have a roof over your head and breath in your lungs, you can be unstoppable to make your home whatever you want it to be. And, most of the time, what you make of your home is only a matter of perspective. Embrace it just as it is.



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  1. Love this post, Lauren. We’re remodeling our house right and I always have to step back and make sure I’m choosing MY style and not the big thing all over Pinterest. We’re going farmhouse style (you never could have guessed that huh? Haha!) and we’re putting in some open shelving. I have beautiful colorful fiestaware that was a gift from my grandma but colorful dishes aren’t farmhouse you know? So I thought about buying a bunch of cheap white dishes so I could just have the look. And then I realized that was silly. I love my dishes and they mean something to me and this is MY house and it doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s.

    1. You are totally right, Alisha! If it doesn’t speak to you, steer clear. I have colorful fiestaware too that we use every day and I LOVE it. It’s so not “farmhousey” but I don’t even care. I could never part with it since we got a ton of it from our wedding. I do have a set of plain white china for nicer occassions though that I use a ton. I never thought I’d use it as much as I have. But they definitely don’t get as much action as the colorful ones, mainly just special occassions.

  2. Thank you so much for this post!! I get so overwhelmed with all of the design trends. Sure ,I incorporate some of them only because I like that specfic trend. My house is decorated to suit my family and our lifestyle. Anyway,who can afford out with the old and in with the new so often.

    1. Right?! I know I can’t. Keep on keepin’ on. If you and your family are happy, that’s what matters. 🙂

  3. That is exactly why I look at that stuff in very limited amounts. Otherwise I would feel bad about my beautiful, expensive house, that most people would be more than happy to live in. It wouldn’t feel fancy enough or stylish enough or whatever. Too much pressure!

    You have a beautiful home. No need to chase trends, talanted one. And just think how pretty your second house will be!

    1. Aw thanks love! I know exactly what you mean. Whenever I start wishing for bigger, better things I think to myself, “Hundreds of thousands of millions of people around the world don’t even have a roof over their heads. Simply having a home should be enough.”

  4. I am so with you on decorating with what you love and not worrying about what’s in at the moment. I’m also one of those few people with zero open shelving in my kitchen. I like having everything contained behind doors to keep the kitchen from looking too cluttered. Plus the whole dust collecting issue. I think your house is gorgeous as is!

    1. Thanks, Rosy! Open shelving may work for some people, but cabinets are so much easier for me. 😉

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