Overwhelmed about how to decorate your home? The FREE Style Finder Binder is here to help

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Comprehensive workbook

to identify your unique decorating style


Step-by-step guides to find trends in decor you already own that no quiz can do


Quick wins to give you the confidence to start improving your home in a day

Design by Lauren Shaver

The FREE Style Finder Binder Includes:

  • 20 page digital book to help discover your unique decorating style that no simple quiz can do
  • 10 page workbook with 4 actionable steps to give you direction you need
  • 3 common mistakes most homeowners make & how to avoid them
  • Solutions to love the home you already have with fresh perspective without reinventing the wheel

Ready to feel empowered and confident in your home decorating decisions?

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Hi! I'm Lauren!

In 2013, my husband and I moved into a new house, and we instantly felt overwhelmed with decorating decision paralysis.

But using this style finding method sparked the direction we needed to tailor our home into exactly how we wanted it.

I developed a home decorating system that works; the very FIRST step to creating your dream home is to define your style.

Since 2017, we've had our room makeovers featured in too many nationwide home & garden magazines to count. We have taught over a million of our collective followers attainable tips to decorate their own homes.

As a former teacher and nationally acclaimed decorator, I'm here to help you love your home so that it can love you right back.

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