Suburban Rustic Christmas Front Porch

The porch strikes again! Same spot, different season, and epic in every new version- like those Star Wars, Terminator, and Rocky movies that never seem to retire. Okay, maybe it’s not really that epic. But the Christmas version might as well be the final fight scene between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Suburban Rustic Christmas Front Porch | blesserhouse.com

When we first moved into this house two Decembers ago, I was really stumped on how to make our porch cozy.

I found this burlap and berry wreath at Marshall’s the week before signing our contract with the realtor and knew I had to bring it home with me to christen it with our very first Christmas decoration.

And then I added a mini bunting and initial because I couldn’t leave well enough alone a.k.a. my life story.

Suburban Rustic Christmas Front Porch | blesserhouse.com

And our DIY wooden shutters that Robert and I made this fall make our door look not so wimpy.

Suburban Rustic Christmas Front Porch | blesserhouse.com

Back in November, when Michaels had all of their Christmas decor on sale at 50-60% off, I went a little nuts. I mean, I left and somehow all of this greenery just followed me out to my car. It was the craziest thing. But I didn’t have the heart to tell all of that pretty garland that it had to go back to the store to be adopted, so I gave it a home on our porch posts. Everyone’s happy now.

Suburban Rustic Christmas Front Porch | blesserhouse.com

My favorite part is this little cutie though.

Suburban Rustic Christmas Front Porch | blesserhouse.com

My brother and I had a blast on this sled when we were kids. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that we get a good snow here in the Carolinas this year. (Canadian and Northern friends, help a girl out and send some down here, will ya? As long as you promise to take it back with you after about two days.)

Suburban Rustic Christmas Front Porch | blesserhouse.com

So now I guess we can stick a peppermint stick in it because our holiday decorating is officially done!

Suburban Rustic Christmas Front Porch | blesserhouse.com

Tomorrow, I’ll be showing off our house along with a bunch of friends for a nighttime candlelight tour. (I’m super duper excited!) But for now, you can start out at my friend Rachel’s at Maison de Pax to see it from the beginning. Every single one is absolutely stunning!

Suburban Rustic Christmas Front Porch | blesserhouse.com

And if you’re still in the Christmas-y mood, you can check out my full home tour over at Unskinny Boppy for the 4th Annual Holiday Home Tours! Yay!

Suburban Rustic Christmas Front Porch | blesserhouse.com

Peace, love, and mistletoe, y’all! And may the Festivus be with you.



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  1. Love your wreath and porch decorating. Alas, have no snow to send you from just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It will
    be a green Christmas here too.

  2. Love your front porch, the wreath is adorable! I’d love to know the color of your front door. I searched your blog for an hour trying to find mention of the color. Is it from the previous owner?

    1. Thanks, Patti! We think the door color is Sherwin Williams Naval, but we’re not completely sure. Our builder picked it.

  3. Love your front porch….especially the wreath on the front door! And the sled – it gets me every time! I would love to have one and have been scouring thrift stores and antique stores for a long time. I’ve found a few, but they are either over the top expensive or they are in terrible condition!? I get the “fever” every time I see yours….. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. I know what you mean! I see them out in antique stores sometimes and think about buying another one. Then, I get a look at the steep price tag and slowly back away. Yikes! Maybe one day the perfect one will find its way to you.

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