The Best Vacuum Cleaners & Cleaning Tools We Use and Love

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The 5 best vacuum cleaners, mop, and upholstery cleaner based on 5 star ratings and top reviews to make house cleaning quick and easy.

You know guest hosting season is at its peak when you start rating the best vacuum cleaners. I mean we have mastered speed cleaning in our house to the point that we could compete in it as an Olympic sport if we had to.

Robert and I set a timer and yell “GO GO GO!” while the whole family, including the 3 year-old, quick cleans everything in our path. (If I give Regan a hand vac, no dust bunny stands a chance. It’s literally her favorite toy. Ask her and she’ll tell you.)

the best vacuum cleaners based on 5 star ratings and reviews

It’s usually this time of year we host impromptu dinners with friends or hangouts with neighbors, and really I’m just able to relax better in the evenings when I don’t have chores nagging at me.

Vacuum cleaners are a hot topic in my inbox during the holidays, so while we’re at peak cleaning-the-house season just before Christmas visitors arrive, I thought I’d share what I consider the 5 best vacuum cleaners we own from Walmart, many of which are on sale at the moment.

Maybe vacuum cleaners were a no-no as a Christmas gift years ago, but I have plenty of friends who would take one in a heartbeat. If it’s going to make my daily life easier and take away a bit of stress, sign me up.

I researched our vacuums and read consumer reports and reviews like crazy before buying any of them over the years, and I’ve been so happy with them so far. Here are the best vacuum cleaners that made the cut.

The Best Vacuum Cleaners & Cleaning Tools

Ecovacs Deebot N8 - the best robot vacuum cleaner

The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Our newest vac, the ECOVACS DEEBOT N8, mapped out our house so quickly it was almost creepy how well it knew every corner and curve of this place. The fact that it’s a vacuum AND mop is the game changer for me. We keep it’s self-emptying charging doc tucked right beside our kitchen pantry.

It’s antibacterial rated and kills 99.9% of bacteria with automatic carpet detection so it only mops where it should. It’s very quiet, easy to customize routes and no-go zones (in case I want it to avoid our playroom with toys tossed everywhere). I’m still getting used to its cleaning performance, so I’ll report back if anything changes, but I love it so far.

Con: It’s more pricey than other robot vacuums, but for its antibacterial mopping feature and brilliance at mapping, it makes up for the cost.

The best cordless stick vacuum cleaner - MOOSOO XL-618A 4-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum

My Favorite Cordless Stick Vacuum

Maybe it’s not one of the “cool kids” in terms of having a popular brand name like Dyson or Shark or Bissell cordless models, but the MOOSOO XL-618A 4-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum knocks all the others’ socks off. The “bang for your buck” is what makes this one as it’s 75% cheaper than the Dyson V8 cordless with comparable power.

I can vacuum the “hot spots” in minutes on any floor type to clean carpet, rugs, wood floors, and tile right before company comes over. The detachable hand vacuum with dusting brush attachment is quick and easy for cleaning up our kids’ spills.

Con: It’s run time of 20-35 minute battery life is slightly shorter than other similar cordless vacuums, but considering how much cheaper it is, I’m willing to sacrifice that.

The best upright vacuum cleaner - Shark Navigator Lift-Away Speed ZU560

My Favorite Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This is my second of Shark upright bagless vacuums I’ve owned in the past 10 years because I’m so happy with them. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Speed ZU560 Upright Vacuum has a self-cleaning brush roll so that it doesn’t constantly get tangled with debris, is very lightweight, easy to empty, and its suction power picks up SO MUCH dust, dirt, and hair that it’s almost embarrassing.

I use the detachable lift-away pod when I want to deep clean our stairs or sofa cushions, and the swivel makes it easy to get into tight spaces and awkward angles.

Con: It only has a general setting for carpets, and doesn’t differentiate between high pile and low pile carpet, just in case that’s a dealbreaker for you.

The best steam mop - Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

My Favorite Steam Mop

I know it’s not actually a vacuum, but after owning and loving this Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop for the past two years, I have to sing its praises.

Our downstairs bathroom tile grout gets so incredibly gross, especially in the summer when all of us drip dirty pool water on it from our backyard, and it makes that dingy grout look sparkly white!

The mop allows me to control the level of steam, so I use the highest steam setting to sanitize our bathroom and kitchen tile floors or use the lowest steam setting to clean our wood floors.

The best stain and upholstery cleaner - Bissell Little Green Portable Spot and Stain Cleaner

The Best Stain and Upholstery Cleaner

We just got this Bissell Little Green Portable Spot and Stain Cleaner a couple months ago after a few of you suggested it when we bought our living room sofas, and it works like a dream!

Our white sofas were really dingy after having 8 kids and 2 dogs all over them during Thanksgiving week, and this stain cleaner made our sofas look brand new. It’s great for using on upholstered car seats too. 10/10 for me and a must for pet owners.

You can compare more vacuum cleaners and find more floor care sales from Walmart Home here. If you’re planning to snag one as a gift or to use before guests arrive, most of them ship quickly through Walmart+ too.

So that’s the scoop. Never thought I’d have an in-depth conversation about vacuum cleaners, but here we are. Blogging is wild, y’all. 😉

If a vacuum isn’t on the wish list for Christmas, maybe at least all of this info will come in handy when it’s time to clean up the Christmas craziness after New Year’s. (And maybe then, this whole house cleaning checklist will help.)

Got any favorite vacuums or floor cleaning tools you’d recommend?


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  1. We bought a 2 story house with a basement in March. So much remodeling going on and contractors in and out, even with the two of us and no pets, cleaning was such a chore. Costco had 2 versions of a Roomba on sale after Thanksgiving and I bought the smaller (cheaper) version for the top floor. Oh my!! I was so impressed, I bought the bigger one a few days later! When the basement is remodeled, I am getting another. So many people love their robot vacuum cleaners but I just couldn’t see how that little machine could actually do anything very useful. Well, they are wonderful, my husband loves the clean floors too. Merry Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone.

  2. Thanks for the vacuum cleaner recommendations. Going to save it for future use. Love your living room rug. Where is it from??

  3. Great post, thanks! One Christmas I received one of those floor cleaners that vacuum and mop the floor. It was given by the dogs, because it wasn’t appropriate for a husband to give a wife that kind of gift 😀

    1. Haha! That’s perfect!! I agree… seems better suited for a “couples gift we’re giving to ourselves” rather than “husband to wife”.