The Grass (isn’t always) Greener

Our lawn is like a middle-aged man with a mullet: patchy and graying in the front, wild in the back.
Spring has officially sprung and while our neighbors have some beautifully luscious lawns, ours is well…the red headed step-child of the neighborhood so to speak. I’m pretty sure other HOA members are looking down their noses at our not so appealing curb appeal. We were afraid we would end up with the dying sod look when we moved in since the landscapers laid it in December. They assured us it would be dormant until spring, and then it would perk up. Well, I’m not seeing the perk they told us about. Hello, icky dead grass. The little bits of green that you see in there are actually weeds. It looks like several bags of fertilizer and a lawn sprinkler are in our immediate future. Those pine needles need to take a hike too.
The backyard is a totally different story but still not much better. This warmer weather sort of caught us off guard, and lo and behold, we’ve had no lawnmower until now. Our backyard is looking pretty wild and crazy with patches all over the place thanks to some drainage issues that our builder assured us wouldn’t be a problem. Have I been punked? That’s practically a ditch in our yard.
The wild weeds and brush at the back of our lot were a lovely welcome present left by the landscapers as well. Apparently that wasn’t in their job description to bushwhack those suckers. I reeeeaaally hope I don’t find snakes in there. Shudder.
Even Olivia disapproves. “Ew Mommy. Cut your grass!”
But have no fear! Robert came home with a brand new handy dandy lawnmower gifted by his parents. 🙂 Woo hoo!
I think he’s a tad excited about his new power tool. This was the pose he chose. I’m not sure if I should be attracted or terrified. Either way, he and his lovely lawnmower are going to go have fun in the backyard for a little while.


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