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There’s this quote that I sometimes catch myself thinking. I know I’ve mentioned it a time or two on this blog before, but in everything I do, when life sometimes inconveniently throws those unexpected curveballs and I start to doubt myself, I echo this quote from my pastor, Steven Furtick…

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

The Highlight Reel |
Credit: Alisha Rudd Photography

Here’s the thing. This blog is the highlight reel. But if there ever comes a day when you begin questioning your own home, your parenting, your marriage, your job, your life in comparison. Please smack yourself. (Okay, no. Don’t do that. 😉 )

The Highlight Reel |
Credit: Alisha Rudd Photography

Because what you don’t see is behind the pretty room reveals is a different room in our house with unfinished projects scattered on the floor, with random stacks of mail on the countertops, with Play-doh bits ground into the carpet. The behind-the-scenes.

The Highlight Reel |
Credit: Alisha Rudd Photography

What you don’t know is pretty much every day, I’m sporting paint splattered sweat pants and a messy mom bun.

The Highlight Reel |
Credit: Alisha Rudd Photography

What you don’t hear is my preschooler’s blood-curdling meltdown in the car on our way to a sunflower field for this mommy and me photoshoot in this post.

The Highlight Reel |
Credit: Alisha Rudd Photography

And you should probably know that this week has been filled with tummy bugs and car breakdowns and burnt dinners.

Sometimes it’s tough keeping up with this blog mixed into all of the crazy. But I am so thankful for this life and for the chance to share it with you guys. Because it’s those regular struggles, those times when you are at your wit’s end, that you deserve to give yourself the most grace.

The Highlight Reel |
Credit: Alisha Rudd Photography

 You are enough. And you can handle every speed bump in every tomorrow with just a little bit of faith to carry you through.

The Highlight Reel |
Credit: Alisha Rudd Photography

Love and life are messy. But it’s a beautiful mess. Homeowning / spousal / parenting / adulting challenges are tough, but so are you.

If you want a little reminder to hang somewhere in your home or office, you can download this printable here:

The Highlight Reel | - A beautiful mess printable

I’ll be back to our regularly scheduled DIY projects tomorrow. 😉

(A big thank you to Alisha Rudd Photography for our swirly twirly girlified photo shoot.)


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  1. Thank you for the reminder to breath, look at the big picture, and reground ourselves! And THANK YOU for sharing your joy!

  2. Thank you for being so real! It’s been a hectic week as we do home improvement projects and 4 kiddos are running around. I automatically go into comparison mode of other beautifully decorated homes and want ours to look that today! I have to keep reminding myself that these projects are marathon and not a race. We will get there it’s just going to take time and a lot patience in my part. So thank you for reminding me that a picture doesn’t tell the rest of the story.

  3. What a delight. We all know no one has it perfect but it’s neat that this sweet moment is forever captured of you two!!!! No one did this in my day. And yet I have images in my mind of my daughter and me walking, holding hands….and so look what your post did. It brought back sweet memories. Even this one walk with my own mom that was sweet and special. Now isn’t that a lot you’ve done by posting this? Doing your job that I so appreciate!!!

  4. ‘You are enough. And you can handle every speed bump in every tomorrow with just a little bit of faith to carry you through.”
    Words I really needed today, thank you, Lauren.
    Very nice photos!
    God is good!

  5. Ok, so I just found out why I signed up for this blog…because you’re a Christian sister!!
    I read so many blogs, so many decorating or DIY pages but never sign up for newsletters, so now I know there was a divine reason….so awesome.
    Anyway, love your blog, getting to know your precious family..your hubby sounds like he’s a real keeper and your daughter is a cutie pie.
    Keep up the great work , and know you got a fan who looks forward to your blogs, pics, etc.
    Keep on rockin’ for the Lord!

  6. Thank you for sharing Lauren! The photos are lovely and your testimony so meaningful!
    I learned a very long time ago that when we face adversity, we grow closer to the One who created us and loves us through our doubts and fears. Praising our Lord!!

  7. Thank you Lauren~you’re quote was exactly what I needed at exactly the second I read it . Beautiful pictures 🙂

  8. No matter a woman’s age,each day brings challenges that try to rock her foundation. BUT,when that foundation is in Jesus Christ, we can hold steadfast to the hope that we have in Him. Each day brings challenges,but it also brings grace,new every morning!
    Thank you for the precious pictures today of you and your lil sweetheart,and for sharing your heart.
    We love following you, your sweet hubby,and this lil sweetheart on your journey of life! ?❤️

  9. Absolutely stunning pics!! In a world where everyone is so quick to tear each other down and criticize one another, this blog and post are so refreshing for my spirit. I LOVE seeing women encourage and build each other up – THANK YOU!!
    BTW – I’m going to take a wild hair guess that ‘HotMarineGuy’ is your hubby – LOL!! That comment totally made me laugh!!
    Keep up the great work and we can all get through the messes we deal with together, as God intended 🙂

    1. Haha! Yes, HotMarineGuy is Robert. When I first met him, I was his waitress at a restaurant one night, and before I learned his name, I just kept calling him the hot Marine guy to my other waitress friends. So that’s one of our endearing names, and he calls me “Lady”. Thank you so much for the love, Heather!

  10. No Lady, you are the highlight reel. Your little family loves you, and we appreciate your messy getup because we are the mess. We, me and Olivia, really do cause the biggest messes, haha.

  11. Precious pictures and a beautiful post. It thrills my soul to hear that you young moms already know these lessons in life. (I could be your grandmother probably) I really enjoy reading blogs about decorating and diy-ing. Even though I can’t do it all by myself anymore, I love knowing what’s going on in the decorating world. We’re just finishing up refurbishing our house, having to hire things done now. It is taking sooooo long for me to do the finishing touches. But I shall persevere!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! Honestly, I can’t do much DIYing by myself either. A lot of the credit goes to my husband for that one. I just tell him what to do. Haha! Keep on movin’ and groovin’ at it. It will all pay off. 🙂

  12. I woke up this morning with this exact posts subject matter on my mind. Your email update was the first thing I saw when sitting down with my coffee to catch up on my inbox! Thank you for being “real” 🙂
    Through all of my DIY adventures and home decorating, while raising 3 children as well…I often find myself comparing my home and life (behind the scenes) to the “highlight reel” of my favorite blogs and Pinterest. I wonder how the media world has the time to do amazing DIY and decorating, along with caring for your children and home. Not to even mention all the bumps and chaos life throws in along the way. This post was the grounding reminder I needed, exactly when I needed it 🙂 Thanks Lauren!!

    1. That makes me so happy, Shellie. I KNOW we all struggle with it, blogger or not. It’s something a lot of my blogger friends and I talk about, including the ones who always seems to have magazine-worthy homes 24/7. We all have our messes, and it wouldn’t feel like home if we couldn’t actually live and relax in it. 😉

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