Toes in the Water, Toes in the Sand

I know Zac Brown Band uses another word for that second “toes” but I’ll keep it family friendly here. 😉
We made it home last night after a beautiful week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for our annual beach trip. My grandparents took my brother and I to the beach along with my parents from the time I was 6 weeks old! I always love coming back to remember so many of the wonderful moments from my childhood. Now, it’s even more special to see our own daughter loving the ocean as we create our own memories with her.
This entire trip, Olivia was a water bug! She wanted to swim all by herself in the pool and wade into the ocean way deeper than we could let her. A total fearless girl, and I love it!
Before we left though, we had to squeeze in a little daddy-daughter photo session. I hope to get a photo of her in a white dress on the beach every year and frame all of them together when she graduates from high school. I already messed up that plan a little when it rained on our last day last summer when I planned to do the ones of her at 9 months, but we’ll just say we planned on starting when she was 1 year-old. 😉
How awesome is this rosy soft lighting? We went out when she woke up at 7 a.m. just as the sun was coming up. You can’t beat a Carolina sunrise.
This reflection one makes my heart melt.
I went a little overboard with her gigantic bow (har har nautical humor), but I love love love her little curls forming in her hair!
I managed to get a few with me too as we took our last walk with my parents, and Robert happened to bring his cell phone to take them. Lemme tell ya…it is hard finding a mommy swimsuit that doesn’t look frumpy. (I’ll be dog gone if I ever show off my stretch marks in a two-piece.)  But since I’ve finally lost my 50 pounds of baby weight from having Olivia (woo hoo!), I mustered up the courage to post some with me.
I’ve learned that I have to get over not feeling gorgeous in photos. (Thank goodness for sunglasses over non-madeup eyes, head wraps for non-shampooed hair, and a toddler on the hip to cover up lack-of-abs…teehee.)  I have to document the time we spend together because it will matter to Olivia that I was there 50+ years from now. I love our little family so so much and my vanity shouldn’t get in the way of pictures for our albums.
We’re trying to decide which of those two beach houses we should buy. 😉  (I don’t want to know the price tag of that prime real estate.)
Olivia’s favorite thing to do as we took our beach walks was holding our hands and swinging. She giggled the entire time.
It was so nice to just enjoy the company of each other. I already can’t wait for next year!
I hope your week was a great one too! 
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  1. Such sweet pics! Esp. the one in the little white dress and flower! Adorable!!!

    1. Thanks, Kendra! It’s so hard to believe how quickly time goes. That little dress is a shirt now. :-/

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