Valentine’s Day Breakfast Charcuterie Board

How to make a breakfast charcuterie board as a fun, thoughtful Valentine’s Day breakfast for kids or adults.

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Even though I know Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for couples, Robert and I love to make it more about our girls with a Valentine’s Day breakfast tradition, so a breakfast charcuterie board seemed like a sweet way to celebrate it early this year.

Right before they got home from school, I went all out with a breakfast-for-dinner spread to surprise them. It was all really simple to throw together and turned out so adorable!

Valentine's Day breakfast charcuterie board for kids at a kitchen bar with flowers and candles

I used dinnerware, candles, and some simple decor we already owned from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart to make it feel special for them.

Olivia and Regan were so excited about their fancy candlelight Valentine’s Day breakfast charcuterie board dinner! It was so cute and cozy…

candlelight Valentine's Day breakfast for dinner idea for kids

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Charcuterie Board Food Ideas

I tried to make it as simple to prepare and Valentine’s breakfast “theme-y” as possible with all things red and heart-shaped.


  • Heart shaped waffles (I used a mini heart shaped waffle maker, but you can buy frozen heart waffles too.)
  • Cinnamon rolls (I shaped into hearts before baking)
  • XOXO shaped bacon strips (Place them in X O shapes on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake at 400F for 18-20 minutes.)
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Lingonberry jam
  • Whipped cream
  • Heart shaped sprinkles
  • Strawberry milk

I spread it all out on this hammered metal platter (that we love using for s’mores by our fire pit too).

Valentine's Day breakfast charcuterie board with heart shaped waffles, XO bacon, berries, and condiments with flowers and candles

More Breakfast Board / Brunch Board Ingredient Ideas

  • Breads – toast, biscuits, bagels, scones, croissants, pancakes, French toast, English muffins
  • Sweet breads – danishes, donuts, muffins
  • Eggs – quiches, sous vide egg bites, egg cups, boiled, scrambled, fried, or poached
  • Meats – ham, sausage patties/links, steak bites, smoked salmon
  • Fresh Fruit – blueberries, blackberries, grapes, apple slices, pineapple, bananas, melons, orange slices, figs, kiwi, avocado (yes, it’s a fruit, I swear)
  • Cheese – brie, goat cheese, gouda, cheddar, swiss
  • Potatoes – hashbrowns or country potatoes
  • Cereals – Granola & yogurt, oatmeal cups, cereal cups
  • Condiments – maple syrup, butter, cream cheese, jelly/jam, marmalade, gravy, salsa, Nutella, chocolate chips, yogurt dip, honey, peanut butter
Valentine's Day breakfast charcuterie board with heart shaped waffles, XO bacon, berries, and condiments on a tray

How to Arrange a Breakfast Charcuterie Board

  1. Choose a board that is the right size and shape for your crowd and table.
  2. Place cups or dishes on the board first to hold any condiments. I used them a few ramekins for jam, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Dishes anchor your board so that you can arrange all of the other foods around them.
  3. Place the largest items first on the board after the dishes. In my case, it was the waffles. Arrange them evenly. It’s okay if items touch. Leave room for slicing, depending on the food type.
  4. Place medium sized items next, arranged evenly around the board. For mine, it was the XO bacon.
  5. Fill in the rest of the holes with fruit or other smaller items.
  6. Add spreading knives or spoons for serving condiments.
Valentine's Day breakfast charcuterie board with place settings on kitchen counter and pink roses with candles

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Table Setting

I re-rolled pre-made cinnamon roll dough to make heart shaped cinnamon rolls for the girls’ plates. We’ve had these exposed clay dishes for a couple of years, and they’re my absolute favorite!

Not a one has broken or chipped (which is an accomplishment around here), and they look high end without the hefty price tag.

I busted out the gold flatware because somehow the kids magically eat their dinner with much fewer complaints when those are on the table. (It’s what princesses eat with. Ask them. They’ll tell you.)

And they got the “fancy” drinking glasses for their strawberry milk, of course, complete with swirly twirly straws. 😉

Valentine's Day breakfast heart shaped cinnamon rolls
heart shaped cinnamon rolls - Valentine's Day breakfast idea with place setting
Valentine's Day breakfast idea for kids - strawberry milk with pink straws

Valentine’s Day Kitchen Decor

I’m not a hokey Valentine’s Day home decor kinda girl really, but I’m always down for pieces that will serve a dual purpose on into spring.

This $13 pedestal hurricane vase is my new favorite that looks so elegant! These are fake flowers, but you don’t have to know that, right?

I added this 2-wick candle and this huge candle so the girls could have their dinner by candlelight. It’s one of their favorite things to do where we turn off all of the lights and eat by candlelight practicing our manners.

My grandparents did the same thing with me as a kid, and I absolutely loved it.

This red striped tea towel added a sweet little Valentine’s Day decor touch without being too holiday-specific too. (I like reusing it at Christmas and July 4th… the perks of using capsule decor.)

Valentine's Day flowers in a vase
simple kitchen shelves with candle
kitchen shelves with simple decor for Valentine's Day

Breakfast Bar

We have high hopes to start the ball rolling on the beginnings of kitchen renovations this year, and one of the top changes on my priority list is removing this peninsula breakfast bar since I’m always afraid of little hands getting burned on our drop-in stove.

But for now, we have these backless stools that have been perfect to allow the girls to hang out for crafting, doing homework, and watching me or Robert cook.

Valentine's Day breakfast spread on a kitchen bar

This kitchen has come a LONG way from where it was before though thanks to a quick and cheap DIY backsplash cover up, painting kitchen cabinets (that I did in the blazing summer heat while pregnant… I definitely don’t recommend), and refreshing the space a bit.

kitchen before
Valentine's Day decor in a kitchen with roses and candles

Anyways, the girls DEFINITELY approved of our little Valentine’s Day breakfast charcuterie board celebration. It was such a hit that I think we’ve found a new tradition.

Since we technically celebrated early, I’m sure they will require us to do it all over again on actual Valentine’s Day.

These silly heads…

Valentine's Day breakfast for kids

Do you have a Valentine’s Day tradition you do with your kiddos? Or your love? To be honest, we don’t even need a holiday as an excuse for waffles with all the fixin’s.

You can find everything we used from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart below.

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Decor Sources

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can you leave a charcuterie board sitting out?

Don’t leave a charcuterie board sitting out at or above room temperature for longer than 2 hours.

How can you keep food warm on a charcuterie board until ready to serve?

Place any cooked foods on a baking sheet and keep in the oven on the warm setting for up to 30 minutes until you’re ready to spread them onto the charcuterie board alongside the cold foods and serve.


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  1. Your girls are adorable and they look like they enjoyed it tremendously. We did the same for our kids when they were young. Well there was no such thing as a charcuterie board back then but I loved (still do) making them feel special and they are now 22, 24, and 26! Great idea!

  2. Well, I know I’ve been following you for a while because the girls have grown up so much! Adorable idea, thanks for sharing their happy faces! Happy ❤️Day!