Walking the Plank: Master Bathroom Progress

How to install a wood plank wall for a punch of farmhouse style, plus how to stain new wood to look like reclaimed wood.

Back in the fall of 2013, when Robert and I were all dreamy eyed as we poured over the limitless builder options in the blueprint phase of our house, there were two things that were absolute must-haves for me- a pantry (that is now ridiculously organized) and a big garden tub in our master bathroom.
We’ve definitely gotten our upgrade’s worth out of our pantry…our tub, well, guess how many times I’ve used it. Twice.
But I think that’s all about to change now that it looks like this!
Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom
For 6 months though, we’d been looking at this:
(Side note- I’m amazed how far I’ve come in my photography skills in that amount of time too. Sheesh!)
We ran out of paint when we tackled this bathroom back in August and knew we’d be putting in a plank wall anyway, so eh, whatever. Well…we thought we’d get right on installing that plank wall. We should have known better. We DIY at a snail’s speed, if snails could DIY.
Last week, I shared with y’all how I made some weathered wood stain and the planks ended up the perfect color I was going for.
But, the thing is, if you’re going to install a plank wall in your bathroom, where it has to handle lots and lots of moisture, you have to seal it. Otherwise, the wood can swell and warp and do all kinds of wonky business you definitely don’t want.
I happened to already have half a quart of polyurethane, so I brushed on two coats. The poly changed the color of my planks so that they had less of that gray tone that I loved. No biggie but an itty bitty downer.
Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom
The whole process was really fast, and Olivia oversaw the whole operation, so you know it came out awesome. πŸ˜‰ Β We owe it all to her fine management skills.
Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom
There are like 34,875 plank wall tutorials out there, so here’s the gist.
Nail your plank into studs.
Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom
Space the planks out with nickels or quarters.
Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom
Repeat as necessary. And you’re done! See? That wasn’t so hard.
Ladies and gentlemen, I think we’ve just broken the record for the shortest tutorial ever on Bless’er House.
Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom
I’m going on strike against winter, but apparently, our weather forecast didn’t get the memo that it’s still January because it was sunny and in the high 60s today!
My spring inspired wall decor only seems fitting then.
Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom
I plan on putting a little something on that bare wall above the faucet, but I haven’t gotten to that point yet. I’m thinking maybe a pretty sign that says something like “This is my happy place.”
Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom
I picked up this pretty wreath from Target to give the wall some extra oomph and it smells amazing.
Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom
This little caddy and jars came from the dollar store of all places! I just filled them up with bath salts, body scrub, and lotion for a little pampering sesh.
Even though I know these won’t last long with Olivia playing with anything in her reach, my madeover Goodwill candle holders are lovely here too.
I wonder if I’ll even be able to part ways with my Audubon prints when fall rolls around in 8 months. Probably not.
What do you think? Does this space say builder grade to you? Or are we finally getting somewhere on this quest for creating our cottage?
Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom
As usual, one thing led to another in here, so I’ll have even more to show you later on. We’re only halfway there.

Bless'er House | How to Install a Plank Wall in a Bathroom

I think a bubble bath is in order for tonight (for only the third time ever). Maybe now I’ll at least get more use out of it and make it my escape. Any parent of a two year-old needs a little oasis sometimes, right?
Have you done anything to jazz up your builder grade bathroom? Or maybe attempted a plank wall yourself? Is it totally bizarre to you that the plank style is coming back after growing up with it 30+ years ago? Totally figures.
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    1. I’ve had that dilemma in our bedroom too. My solution is to just make it contrast my furniture. Since I have a dark wood headboard, I’ll probably do a white painted plank wall. Maybe that will help you decide too.

  1. Fabulous project, Lauren! I bet you’ll be using that bathtub a bit more frequently now that it looks like a luxurious resort bathroom! Totally cracking up at the picture of Olivia “supervising”… too cute!

  2. I love this!! My hubby is all for neutral walls and not making any wall an accent wall but I think I NEED to talk him into doing this! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Talented Tuesdays, I’m featuring you this week. I hope you can join us again tomorrow morning.

  3. I LOVE your new plank wall and especially like that you used nails instead of screws! Thanks so much for linking up to Your Designs This Time! Have a wonderful week πŸ™‚

  4. This looks amazing! We’re going to add a master bath, and are planning a plank wall. Your how-to is really going to come in handy!

    I might have to steal the idea for that awesome old window art, too.

  5. It’s lovely! Y’all did a great job with it. Looks like something I may have to copy in my new home. We just closed on a new place and I am exploding with DIY ideas, can hardly wait.

  6. Could not love it more. It completely transformed the builder basic into something stunning! And way to do your own staining, and it turned out great! The old window, the wreath…nothing is over the top, it’s just perfect.

  7. Wow! I LOVE how the plank wall turned out – so beautiful! I’ve already pinned it for “future reference”! Love the window with the Audubon prints, too. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the rest of the master bath…..

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