Wedding Week I: Accessorizing with Love

Back in eighth grade, when my idea of love was swooning over the lead singer of the Backstreet Boys, I kept a keepsake box. And when I say keepsake box, I mean a caboodle full of junk. But it was my junk that mattered to me. I’m talking birthday cards, seashells from beach trips, movie ticket stubs…I even saved a piece of confetti from an NSync concert because I thought maybe by some slim chance Justin Timberlake had touched it. Oy. (Eye roll.)  It’s funny to look back on now, but to this day, I still am notorious for hanging onto “junk”. I never have the heart to toss out little items that have some sentimentality.
Then, one day I figured out a way to display my junk in a not-so-junky way. Enter the shadow box a.k.a. my caboodle replacement.
After our wedding, I held onto a shoebox filled with all sorts of randomness. Once I saw this shadowbox in Marshall’s for $10, I knew exactly my solution for displaying everything to remember our big day. I put in our wedding invitation along with the RSVP card, two of our favorite photos of the day, our ceremony program, our bird nest favors (that held a tea light), and my keepsake garter that my mother-in-law made. The garter has lace remnants from both my mom’s and my mother-in-law’s wedding dresses, so this definitely didn’t deserve to be locked up in a dark closet somewhere.
Right now, it hangs by our bedroom door so we can constantly have a glimpse of it. (Our walls really need some color, but we’re getting there as we are finally creeping into painting the upstairs here. Side note- I swiped that mirror from my parents’ house recently that I had originally hung in my college apartment. Not bad, eh?)
After Olivia was born, I ran into my eighth-grade-like tendencies again and ended up throwing more momentos into a shoebox. Once I snatched up another shadowbox from TJMaxx, I put together this sweet little thing.
For this one, I used Olivia’s newborn footprints, her hospital bracelet, a photo of all three ultrasounds we had at 9 weeks, 20 weeks, and 34 weeks, an “It’s a Girl” sign that was attached to my hospital flowers, and the hat she wore just hours after delivery when the nurses gave her her first bath. I never washed the hat. A part of me hopes it will always contain that sweet newborn smell.
It currently sits on top of her bookshelf toy box along with several other little meaningful accessories. I’ll hang it once we jump into decorating her room.
Olivia obviously approves. 🙂  And my closet appreciates that it no longer has to contain my tidbits of clutter.
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