Where I come from where sweet tea flows like water and front porch sitting is a regular pasttime, the phrase “bless her heart” is used regularly. People not native to the South often associate this saying as part of the sweet Southern mannerisms when really it’s true meaning is more tongue-in-cheek. I chose the title Bless’er House for two reasons.
1. DIY projects can go one of two ways. It can be an “Oh my heavens” knock-out or a “Bless her heart” disaster. For me, it’s something I can be proud of either way because the fact is I learn something new every time. I might end up with a big ol’ “Bless her house” for the mess I’ve created in my home, but I have fun in the process.
2. “Bless her house” on a more serious level is always in my daily prayers when I thank God for blessing me with a home, a supportive husband, and a precious little girl. I know I owe everything that I am and that I have to Him. Without His blessings, nothing I ever strive to achieve in life would be possible.