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Wicker Wicker Whaaaat!

You ever have one of those moments where you were just talking about something and BAM it happened?
As Robert and I were hauling a truck load of Goodwill-bound stuff that had been taking up space in our garage, we were caught up in the short glimpse of glorious spring weather of the weekend and we both talked about how great it would be to enjoy the sunshine on our porch…if only we had some porch furniture. Sigh…maybe one day.
Since we were already at Goodwill anyway, we figured, why not take a gander.
The second we walked in, what do we see? A mint condition white rattan wicker settee/chair set.
And altogether it was $80.
They might as well have had our names stamped on them. So we happily snapped up that “sold” tag and skipped over to the cash register. You think I’m kidding…we frolicked. It was glorious. Robert also found a weight bench for $20 that he plans to use for his morning workouts.
We loaded those puppies up and introduced them to their new home.
But the downside of having real rattan wicker is rainy weather can cause some major damage pretty quickly. To make them last as long as they can, I bought a pint of Minwax Spar Urethane. (Marine varnish works well too.)
I brushed on every square inch of that wicker top to bottom and underneath going in the direction of the rattan weave. I did two thick coats making sure each coat had a full 24 hours to set in.
Now they’re ready and waiting for some front porch sittin’ and sweet tea sippin’.
 I know these two pieces won’t last probably longer than 4-5 years (if I’m even that lucky), but considering it would be this or nothing, I’m happy. We can one day invest in some nicer, longer-lasting outdoor furniture once we get our inside figured out. Our dining room, gameroom, and office still have virtually nothing in them.
Now I’ll have be on the lookout for some reasonable cushions. I’m thinking maybe navy to complement the front door. My Dallas Cowboys fanatic husband is going to be beside himself with having his team colors all over the exterior of our house.

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