My Maternity Must-Have Essentials

24 tried and true maternity must-haves with fashion, health, beauty, and wellness essentials to make pregnancy easier. 

This post is so totally random and completely outside of the home / DIY realm I’m used to sharing with y’all.

But I’ve gotten messages from so many of you lately who are also currently expecting little ones. It got me thinking about some of the other things I could share besides our nursery makeover progress and baby bump updates that could maybe help.

24 tried and true maternity must-haves with fashion, health, beauty, and wellness essentials to make pregnancy easier. 

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Because seriously… growing a tiny human is hard work, and we could use all the help we can get. 😉

So between this pregnancy and my first, I’ve rounded up all of my favorite tried and true maternity must-haves with fashion, health, beauty, and wellness essentials to make pregnancy a little more easy breezy for y’all.

I use each and every one of these and they’ve all made this maternity journey WAY more enjoyable.

24 tried and true maternity must-haves with fashion, health, beauty, and wellness essentials to make pregnancy easier. 

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1. Bellaband – These belts rock during that awkward in-between regular clothes and maternity clothes phase. I’m able to extend my regular pants/jeans to over halfway through my second trimester using these belly bands. They’re great for postpartum too when your belly starts shrinking, but your pre-baby clothes don’t quite fit yet.

2. 10 Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates DVD – This workout has been without a doubt the best remedy for my back pain this go-round. I’d never done pilates before until this pregnancy, and I’m officially sold. I love this one because I can choose to only do a 10 minute session if I’m pressed for time, or I can choose to do all 5 workouts together, if I feel like a challenge.

3. Favorite Maternity Leggings – Because let’s face it, after a while, real pants are so overrated. I wear these as pajamas, to do workouts, under long shirts or dresses, etc.

4. Burt’s Bees Belly Butter– I love this stuff to help with stretch marks and itchiness, but it’s also great because it has no weird smell.

5. T-Shirt Dress – I love this one because it hits me just above the knees and can be dressed up or down. For hot days, I just wear it with simple slide-on sandals. For cooler weather, I pair it with a wrap and boots.

6. “Girl, Wash Your Face” – If you are a woman, read. this. book. SO much truth in it! I have loved reading it and getting my mind and my heart right before being thrown into life with a newborn.

7. Journal – I started a journal when I was pregnant with Olivia, and I’ve done the same with this little one to document thoughts and feelings leading up to the day we meet. I’ve written in Olivia’s on her birthday every year and plan to give it to her when she turns 18. Really hoping I can keep it up with this next kiddo too.

8. Kimonos – Kimonos have been my JAM when I want something cool and breezy to dress up simple maternity tanks and T-shirts with shorts or jeans.

9. Extra Large Insulated Water Bottle – I’m terrible about not drinking enough water, so I got this 64 oz water bottle to keep me on track. It stays cold all day, and I make it my goal to finish an entire bottle before lunch and an entire bottle before bed. It’s a good habit to get into anyway considering breastfeeding will definitely require lots of water intake.

10. Larger Fake Wedding Ring – This one is probably so petty of me. My fingers swell a lot in my third trimester, and my real wedding ring no longer fits. But I hate not being able to wear it, so I got this fake one a size larger than my real one to wear until the swelling goes down after birth. My hand feels naked without it.

11. Preggi Pop Drops – These stayed in my purse all throughout the first trimester and got me through the rough morning sickness days.

12. Fre Non-Alcoholic Wine – My mom and dad gave this to me for my birthday and it tastes exactly like my favorite sparkling wine! It actually is real wine with the alcohol removed.

13. Pink Stork Tea – The morning sickness tea is great for the first trimester, and I drank the labor prep tea in my last trimester the first time that I’m convinced helped me have a smooth delivery. I’m currently trying it again this go-round hoping it’ll do the job again.

14. Favorite Maternity Jeans – I tried a bunch of different jeans before finding these and they’re the only ones that I don’t have to constantly tug on. And they’re cute!

15. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream – Pregnancy puts a beating on feet, and this stuff makes them super silky soft.

16. Becca Eye Brightener – This stuff completely eliminates the dark circles under my eyes, and I’m definitely keeping it in stock in my skincare bag for those sleepless newborn weeks.

17. BabyCenter App – This is my favorite app for getting weekly updates about how baby is progressing and has info for pretty much anything you ever need to know.

18. Evening Primrose Oil – Taking this supplement along with the Labor Prep Tea is great for strengthening uterine muscles. I took it in the last trimester of my first pregnancy as well, and I only had to push for 5 minutes. I’m totally convinced this is what helped with that. It helps level out crazy hormones and is great for non-pregnant women too.

19. PreNatal Gummy Vitamins – I tried a few different brands of prenatal vitamins before sticking with these. I like that you only have to remember to take them once a day (hello, preggo brain is real) and they’re easier to take than the giant horse pill kinds.

20. Comfy Slide Sandals – This sandals are roomy, cute, and very comfortable for swelling preggo feet.

21. Pregnancy Body Pillow – This pillow helps so much with back and hip pain. It’s like being cradled to sleep every night.

22. Comfy Wide Booties – For the cooler months, these booties are super comfy and adorable and have enough room for swollen preggo feet.

23. Nursing Camisoles – These undershirts are great for pregnancy and postpartum and help with shirt length as your belly grows.

24. Alka Seltzer Chews – Good gosh the heartburn is real! I cannot stand the chalky feeling of Tums, but these are like candy.

Okay, that’s the spiel. Totally random maternity goodies, but I hope it helps some of you other mamas. Do y’all have any faves you would add to the list?

I have a couple of weeks to go, and I’m ALL ears over here.

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24 tried and true maternity must-haves with fashion, health, beauty, and wellness essentials to make pregnancy easier

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